Key to the World aims to make travelling easier

19 August 2016
A new digital travel wallet from Flight Centre aims to streamline your international travel planning.

If you have travelled overseas at any point in the past few decades you will be well aware of the importance of your travel wallet – that often large and bulky folder that contains your flight details, currency, itinerary, contact details of important people, maps and a hundred and one other must-not-lose items. Carrying around a travel wallet can easily account for half your hand luggage weight allowance.

Flight Centre aims to streamline international travel planning with the launch of Key to the World. The digital travel wallet, from Flight Centre’s Travel Money Oz, combines itinerary, travel insurance, prepaid currency card powered by MasterCard®, and SIM card, and is the first of its kind. Travel money cards are explained here.

“Travel Money Oz has created Key to the World to give travellers the opportunity to streamline their planning and have all their travel essentials reviewed and managed in one place,” said Mr Dion Jensen, Global General Manager of Travel Money Group.


Key to the World provides a secure online portal for travellers to manage their journey with a single login from the website or app to view their itinerary, contact a travel agent for support, see their current and past travel insurance policies, manage foreign currency with a Key to the World Currency Card with up to 10 currencies, and take care of their international phone and data needs.

“We’ve integrated Key to the World so that a customer’s travel bookings are preloaded into the Key to the World itinerary section, and can be viewed quickly and easily,” Mr Jensen said.

“Travel Money Oz has partnered with industry leaders to deliver an innovative customer platform that is so user-friendly, it renders the conventional travel wallet, with printouts, obsolete.”

Industry partners include:

  • Cover-More provides the World travel insurance and Global SIM
  • MasterCard provides the world currency prepaid card

Key to the World is available to customers of Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Cruiseabout, My Adventure Store, Travel Associates, and Travel Money Oz.

What countries do Australians visit?

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in August,  the top three most popular travel destinations for Australian residents in 2015-16 were New Zealand (1.3 million trips), Indonesia including Bali (1.2 million trips), and the United States of America (1 million trips).

The top ten overseas destinations for Australians on a short-term holiday are as follows:

Destination 2015/16 trend
New Zealand 1,289,600
Bali 1,203,500
USA 1,034,000
UK 606,500
Thailand 547,900
China 439,100
Singapore 368,300
Japan 343,600
Fiji 343,300
India 300,800

Source: ABS 3401.0 – Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, Jun 2016


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