What Is A Benefit Replacement Period?

27 March 2017
Benefit replacement periods apply to health insurance cover for things like hearing aids, dentures, diabetics blood test kits, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a benefit replacement period?

A benefit replacement period is the length of time you must wait after claiming benefits to buy a health aid or appliance (or other covered item) before you can claim a benefit to buy your next one.

Many health aids or appliances are items that must be replaced regularly, such as:

  • Insulin delivery pens and blood glucose monitors for diabetics (“test kits”)
  • Hearing aids for those with auditory impairment
  • Nebulisers or spacers for those with asthma
  • Prostheses (e.g. prosthetic leg or prosthetic breast)
  • Dentures, crowns, and bridges
  • Mouthguards for children and teenagers
  • Sleep apnoea devices such as CPAP machine
  • Wigs for cancer patients

How long is a benefit replacement period?

Benefit replacement periods vary depending on what health-related item you need to buy, and which insurer and insurance policy you choose.

Periods can range widely depending on the item – for example, a prosthetic item may have a 1-year benefit replacement period, while a sleep apnoea device may have a 5-year benefit replacement period. This is because different items wear out over different timeframes.

Of course, one of the many benefits of taking out private health insurance is that you can claim back a benefit when you buy one of these items at all. But as always, insurance policies differ in terms of the items they cover, benefit replacement periods, waiting periods, and how much it costs to cover what you need. We can help you there.

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