Swann Insurance Gives Customers The Ability To Tailor Their Protection

This year, for the first time, Canstar has researched and rated 11 providers of comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Australia. Canstar is pleased to congratulate Swann Insurance for achieving both national and state awards for outstanding value motorcycle insurance.

Swann Insurance is a specialist provider of motorcycle and bicycle insurance, and they also offer car insurance, loan protection insurance, and watercraft insurance.

Swann Insurance has achieved this year’s national award for Outstanding Value Motorcycle Insurance, as well as almost scooping the pool for state awards, winning Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria!

Canstar caught up with a Swann Insurance spokesperson for a quick Q&A on popular motorcycle insurance and common types of claims.


Q: Swann Insurance has been around for a long time. What changes have you seen in riders and bikes during that time?

A: In recent times, we have seen an increase in people insuring scooters and motorcycles with a smaller engine size. This could be due to more people learning to ride motorcycles, or people using scooters and motorcycles as an alternative transport option with road congestion increasing in cities.


Q: How has your comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy changed over time? What are some of the most common types of claim?

A: We have created a policy where customers have the ability to tailor their protection with a choice of various options and cover limits. We recognise that not all riders’ needs are the same and provide choices in terms of riding gear, helmet cover and personal items. Our customers also have an option of electing to have a higher excess to reduce their annual premium.

The most common types of claims we receive are when riders lose control around a bend or slip on loose gravel.

Q: What is the most common engine size that you insure? Does it differ by age of rider?

A: The most popular motorcycle engine size we insure is 1000cc. Many of our younger customers ride bikes with a smaller engine size due to licence restrictions, but tend to upgrade later to motorcycles with engine sizes between 650cc and 1000cc.


Q: Is there an unusual claim that you can share with us?

A: A customer unfortunately struck a kangaroo whilst out on a bike ride. Thinking the animal did not survive the crash he placed his jacket over it. Moments later the kangaroo leapt to its feet and quickly hopped away taking the customer’s motorcycle jacket with it.


Q: What are some questions that a motorcyclist should ask an insurer before choosing a policy?

  • What are your cover options for my helmet, riding gear and personal items? What value can I insure these items for?
  • What is my excess and do I have an option to increase my excess for a cheaper annual premium?
  • Do I need to tell you when I modify my motorcycle? Can I include the cost of the modifications in the sum insured value?
  • Do I have a choice of which repairer I take my motorcycle to if I were to make a claim?

Canstar congratulates Swann Insurance on its ratings achivement!

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