Complete list: Banks offering the new instant payments platform

13 February 2018
The online banking landscape has received a huge shakeup with the release of the New Payments Platform (NPP) by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

New payments platform

The new platform, which cost the Government a billion dollars, has finally been rolled out after objectives were established back in 2012, as a part of the RBA’s  Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments

The Reserve Bank of Australia and its Payments System Board (PSB) have welcomed the public launch of the new platform, labelling it an important addition to Australia’s payments infrastructure.

Banks that utilise the new platform will allow businesses and consumers to:

  • Make real-time payments, with close to immediate funds availability to the recipient
  • Make and receive payments on a 24/7 basis
  • Have the capacity to send more complete remittance information with payments
  • Address payments in a relatively simple way

The RBA’s Governor, Philip Lowe, said: “The public launch of the NPP represents the delivery of a major piece of national infrastructure, and I look forward to the payment innovations it will make possible and the benefits this will generate for all Australians.”

Consumer Action Law Centre’s Senior Policy Officer Katherine Temple said the new technology offers opportunities for consumers and businesses to make fast payments.

“It appears likely that payments and communications technologies will further converge in future,” Ms Temple told Canstar.

“We recognise that the payments system will continue to innovate and develop, and there is the potential for significant consumer benefit from this.”

However, Ms Temple said consumers should remain vigilant about their online banking, warning that innovation often comes with more complexity.

“We believe that industry and regulators should be looking to better assist people with complexity so that people can choose payment options that best suit their needs,” she said.

“Assisting people with complexity should not mean relying on disclosure to simply provide more information – appropriate safeguards must also be put in place to ensure consumers can benefit from this new technology.”

About 60 banks and financial institutions will commence rolling out the service to customers soon, and this number is expected to increase in the coming months.

The complete list of banks offering the New Payments Platform

The following is a complete list of all banks and financial institutions that will roll out the New Payments Platform as of February 2018. You can view the individual details of your bank here.

The big 4

  • ANZ (holding off implementation due to ‘rigorous testing’)
  • Commonwealth Bank (available immediately)
  • NAB (‘within the next month’)
  • Westpac (available in the coming weeks for ‘a small group of customers’)



  • Australian Unity


  • Bendigo Bank
  • Bankfirst
  • Bankstown City Unity Bank
  • BankVic
  • Bankwest
  • bcu
  • Bank of us.
  • Big Sky
  • Beyond Bank
  • Bank Australia
  • Border Bank


  • Citi
  • The Capricornian
  • Central Murray Credit Union Limited
  • Coastline
  • Catalyst Money
  • Community First Credit Union
  • Comtax Credit Union
  • Credit Union SA
  • CUA


  • Defence Bank
  • Dnister


  • Easy Street Financial Services
  • Endeavour Mutual Bank


  • Family First
  • Firefighters Mutual Bank
  • First Option Credit Union
  • FCCS


  • G&C Mutual Bank
  • Goulburn Murray Credit Union
  • Greater Bank


  • HSBC
  • Heritage Bank
  • Hume Bank


  • ING Direct
  • Illawarra Credit Union
  • IMB Bank


  • LLL


  • The Mac (MacArthur Credit Union)
  • MOVE
  • The Mutual
  • MyState


  • Newcastle Permanent
  • Nexus Mutual
  • Northern Inland Credit Union


  • Orange Credit Union


  • People’s Choice Credit Union
  • P&N Bank
  • Police Bank
  • Police Credit Union


  • QBank
  • Queensland Country Credit Union


  • RACQ
  • Regional Australia Bank
  • Reliance Bank
  • The Rock


  • SCU
  • Security Credit Union
  • South West Credit


  • Teachers Mutual Bank


  • Unibank
  • Unity Bank


  • Warwick Credit Union
  • WAW

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