Home Loans Star Ratings 2019

Home Loan Star Ratings 2019

Canstar’s Home Loan Star Ratings uses a sophisticated and unique ratings
methodology that compares both price and features across home loan products
for owner-occupiers and investors. Canstar Star Ratings represents a shortlist of
financial products that can help consumers narrow their search to mortgages
assessed and ranked as offering outstanding value.

March 2019

Numbers crunched by Canstar Researchers

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Outstanding Value Owner Occupier & Investor Home Loans for 2019

Outstanding Value Owner Occupier & Investor Home Loans for 2019

Interest rates play a big part in how much you pay over the life of your home loan. Here we reveal a number of institutions that provide outstanding value home loans for consumers, including competitive interest rates.

2019 5-Star Rated Lenders

Home Lender
Bank Australia - Outstanding Value Award Winner
Heritage Bank wins Canstar award
HSBC: Outstanding Value Award Winner
ING logo
Investment Home Lender
Newcastle Permanent: Outstanding Value Unsecured Personal Loan
Tic Toc Home Loans
Virgin Money
Reduce Home Loans logo