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Media Release

8.11.2016 CANSTAR releases its annual International Money Transfer Star Ratings report, with Citi, World First and OFX achieving 5 stars.
10.10.2016 Great value to be found in transactions
26.09.2016 Fixing a home loan: We get it right half the time
26.09.2016 With a low cash rate, great-value savings are crucial
23.09.2016 Health Insurance: What we want
15.09.2016 Superannuation: CANSTAR 2016 Ratings Released
08.09.2016 Life Insurance: What we want
23.08.2016 Travel insurance a must-have inclusion
10.08.2016 CANSTAR announces Bank of the Year – Small Business Award
22.07.2016 Home Loans: What’s on offer for investors?
05.07.2016 Travel money cards are flying high
04.07.2016 Less than 1 percent of Australians now choosing a health insurance fund primarily to avoid tax: significant drop since last year
04.07.2016 This little piggy went to market…
20.06.2016 We Love Our (Customer-Owned) Banks
13.06.2016 Car insurance claims: Easy = happy
10.06.2016 Online shopping – for life
07.06.2016 If you’re paying more than 4% on your home loan, you might just be paying too much.
07.06.2016 Funeral Insurance: Avoid the traps and find the value
31.05.2016 We love our banks … online
31.05.2016 Smoking an expensive habit
27.05.2016 ANZ wins CANSTAR Bank of the Year – Agribusiness
23.05.2016 More for less: Investors the winners
19.05.2016 Account Based Pensions: Watch the cost
13.05.2016 The business loans offering great value
13.05.2016 The competitive world of car insurance
13.05.2016 Car Insurance: Who pays the most and how can you save?