The App I Wish I'd Heard About Sooner


It would depress me to know how much money I’m owed by friends and old roommates, and how much cash I probably owe them, after years of coffee dates, cases of “I’ll buy this round”, and oh so many not-quite-finalised grocery bills.

I can remember the old scrap of paper on the fridge filled with IOUs and the stacks of ancient receipts, and I’m not quite sure that everyone always managed to pay their debts this way.

Sometimes it’s just too awkward to follow people up and demand your money back for something as simple as the movie ticket you shouted them last weekend.

So when I hear about amazing free apps like Splitwise, for the sake of my wallet and savings account, I wish I had heard about it sooner.

Imagine you are out at dinner with a bunch of friends, and a giant bill is slapped on your table with no option to split the bill – classic panic.

Or you and your housemates desperately need a new washing machine but no one wants to be responsible for that whole payment.

Introducing the answer to our prayers: an app (which has been a well-kept secret for years) that will split the bill into who owes what, and send handy reminders to anyone trying to wriggle out of paying up.

Sure, there are plenty of other great bill-splitting options out there – like Suncorp’s award-winning Billsplitter app or the social media payments app Cashper – but for a young person chasing a free and easy-to-use tracker, Splitwise has been a great addition to my phone.

Even better, Splitwise Inc also has Plates by Splitwise which can be used specifically to split the restaurant bill, even giving the option to calculate tax and a tip (if you’re feeling generous).

You can currently use this app with up to 10 dinner guests – so handy!

Need more info about Splitwise?

The app allows you to make your own groups, whether that’s housemates or maybe your travel companions (if you are lucky enough to have enough banked to go exploring).

You can then add in any expenses you paid for, and see bills and amounts you might owe your friends.

The beauty of this app is the simplicity and the flexibility to add in any expense of your choosing, no matter how random it might be.

You can split bills equally or allocate specific amounts to different people, and pay up safely using Venmo, Paypal, or in cash.

Since I moved out of the sharehouse and in with my partner, my Splitwise usage is much simpler.

We mainly just split groceries, fuel bills, or vet expenses (thanks to our cute little dog), but it’s still so great to have everything in the one spot.

Using an app like this helps keep you accountable to the money you owe, and even provides a different version of your spending history which could help when you need to plan a budget.

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