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Original author: Lucinda Gall

Australians love travelling – so where did we go last Easter?

With tourists from our sunny nation known worldwide for their fun-loving attitude, it’s evident that Australians love to travel. Last Easter in March 2016, Australian residents took 813,000 short-term trips overseas, and this year is likely to see just as much travel (ABS, 2017).

Some of our top destinations last April were as follows:


The island country of Indonesia is a perennially popular destination with Australians. Last Easter saw over 106,000 Aussies make trips to Indonesia (March 2016, ABS), which was more than 10% of our total overseas trips that month.

Indonesia’s balmy equatorial climate and warm waters, which are particularly tropical in April, make it an excellent holiday destination. This means it’s the perfect time to swoop in for your island adventures before the rest of the travellers begin to pour in.

While everyone at home may be celebrating the traditional spiritual holiday, in Bali there’s the Spirit Festival, an alternate way to get in touch with your spiritual side. Themed around fostering a harmonious relationship with society and the natural environment, the 5-day festival has plenty of dancing, music and even yoga to entertain you.

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United States of America

The US of A is another hugely popular travel destination for Aussies, with 86,800 travellers venturing across the Pacific last April.

Being such a massive and diverse country, the USA has a smorgasbord of holiday activities available at any time of year. But for that early spring sweet spot just around Easter, there are more than a few activities that you can sample to satisfy your holiday itch.

An easy pick that fully reaps the benefits of spring is Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival. With a compact population of just under 660,000, you’ll be sure to get a chance to look at one of the 3,000 cherry blossom trees, gifted to the capital straight from Japan.

If you want something a little less serene, why not head south to New Orleans, where the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival takes place in the latter part of April every year. With plenty of music and food, you can see why Australians flock to the US to be serenaded as the sun sets.

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New Zealand

Just a short flight from most major cities, New Zealand can provide Aussies with a quality Easter getaway not too far from home. The many cultural similarities we share with our neighbours across the ditch make New Zealand a popular destination – 107,700 Aussies made the trip in March last year.

April weather in the home of Middle Earth is settling into autumn, averaging a little under 20°C on the average day – a nice change for many from the hotter parts of Australia.

Sometimes you may just want to experience Easter a little differently, and you can do that at the Auckland Royal Easter show. As well as all of the regular royal show fixtures, the Auckland Royal Easter Show features New Zealand’s largest art exhibition, as well as an ice skating rink and much more.

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United Kingdom

Although it is one of the furthest destinations on the list, some Australians nevertheless like to spend their Easter in the UK – about 49,200 of us, in fact. It’s just beginning to warm up, but most places will still hold a little bit of a chill, especially for most Australians coming from their still warm home towns.

Edinburgh, though, has an event that might just warm up your brain from a chocolate coma. In April, Scotland’s capital hosts the Edinburgh International Science Festival, with over 270 events. Featuring lectures, hands-on experiments and theatre, every day has a different scientific theme for whatever you’d like to specialise in. So for a perfect getaway for those who like to geek out a bit on their holidays, Edinburgh is your pick.

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Located in the centre of South-East Asia, Thailand is a beautiful and diverse region. There are bustling markets, amazing eateries and natural beauty, not to mention to mention an amazing history and culture.

If you didn’t end up planning anything for New Year’s, or would just like to experience it again, then the Songkran festival celebrated throughout Thailand could be of significant interest to you. Or perhaps just kick back and relax at a 5-star hotel, with some shopping thrown in.

April is the hot season in Thailand, but Australians shouldn’t mind that too much of a hardship – after all, 44,600 of us made the trip there last March!

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China is a very popular destination, with Aussies making 37,200 trips there last March. We’re not alone in our love of the Middle Kingdom; China is apparently the world’s third most popular tourist destination.

April in China is spring, with slightly warmer, but not unpleasant temperatures, and plenty of flowers in bloom. That said, China is an enormous country – so be prepared for varying climate depending on your specific destination and do your research about what to pack.

China will present you with innumerable opportunities for fun and interesting activities, but if you want a few pointers, popular attractions include the Great Wall of China, the Karst Mountains, and the Giant Pandas at Chengdu.

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What you need for Easter travel

Wherever you decide to go this Easter, make sure you compare travel insurance policies and buy one before you leave. It’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind!

Also make sure you take a credit or debit card that won’t charge you a fortune in overseas transaction fees. You can compare credit cards and debit cards for overseas travel on our site.

And if you’d prefer a local trip, consider some of Australia’s great campsites and beautiful national parks. Don’t forget travel insurance for your local trip, as well, as this can cover things such as lost or stolen belongings and flight delays.

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