Which Australian Banks Offer Tap and Pay?

Senior News Journalist · 29 September 2017
Making payments on the go is getting even easier for Australian consumers as banks embrace smartphone technology to offer their customers Tap and Pay options.

Most of the Big 4 banks offer Tap and Pay within their own digital wallet apps, but the feature is only available on Android devices with certain technical capabilities.

Thanks to some banks using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Android smart devices can be used as a Tap and Pay payment option rather than using bank cards with payWave or PayPass, making it easier than ever to make payments on the go.

Options for Apple devices, however, are lagging as most banks struggle to gain access to the NFC technology after being rejected by the consumer watchdog in their bid to collectively bargain with Apple over Apple Pay – with the exception of ANZ.

How does ‘Tap and Pay’ work?

Paying with your compatible smartphone is easy – download your bank’s app, validate your account and your bank will securely store your card details so they are ready for any on-the-go purchase. You can tap your phone to a payment terminal for purchases up to $100. For purchases over that amount, you may be prompted to enter your PIN.

Most banks will require you to login to the app pay with the exception of NAB.

Some mobile banking apps even enable you to withdraw cash from ATMs without a bank card by either using contactless-enabled ATMs or uniquely generated codes.

Considering opening up a new transaction account before setting up Tap and Pay? Compare transaction accounts below for products with links directly to the provider’s website. Table results are sorted by our star ratings (highest – lowest) for high transactor profile (average of 35 transactions per month) in NSW.

Does NAB have Tap and Pay?

Yes, NAB has a contactless payment option to make purchases with your phone – it’s called NAB Pay. You can download the NAB app on an Android 4.4 (or above) which has NFC capability and use either your personal NAB Visa debit or credit cards to pay. The handy bonus with NAB is that you can use its mobile payments system even if you don’t have the app open – just tap to a terminal.

For iPhone users, the bank has developed NAB PayTag to enable mobile payments. This tag will set you back $3.99 and sticks to the back of your phone. At the moment this system is only available for personal NAB Visa debit cardholders.

Does CommBank have Tap and Pay?

Yes, Commonwealth Bank offers its customers a quick and easy way to pay instore using the CommBank app. The Tap and Pay feature is available on Android operating systems 4.1 (and above) with NFC linking to your everyday banking account. Simply open the CommBank app, select Tap and Pay from the home screen, choose the card you want to use and tap your phone to the terminal.

A CommBank PayTag is available for purchase within the app at a fee of $2.99 for iPhone users. Stick the PayTag on the back of your phone to easily make a contactless payment.

Does ANZ have Tap and Pay?

Yes, ANZ has Tap and Pay in the form of the ANZ Mobile Pay app available for download from Google Play on compatible Android devices. Once you have installed the app on your phone, you will need to add a card and register your details. Most ANZ cards are supported by the payment app, except for MasterCard and ANZ Access Card. For added flexibility, you can choose from three payment options: simply wake your phone to pay, launch the app to pay or launch the app and enter your passcode.

iPhone users will be pleased to know they can use Apple Pay to make purchases on the go as an ANZ customer.

Does Westpac have Tap and Pay?

No, unfortunately, Westpac has removed Tap and Pay from their suite of services because more customers were choosing to use Android Pay and Samsung Pay instead. Don’t be disheartened though – you can still take advantage of Android Pay and Samsung Pay on compatible devices with the use of your eligible Westpac MasterCard or Visa cards.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, Westpac has been having a difficult time launching their Apple-friendly platform with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) rejecting its bid to bargain with Apple over Apple Pay and recently being forced to remove its keyboard payment function on the iPhone version of the Westpac mobile banking app.

What other banks have Tap and Pay?

It’s not just the majors who have Tap and Pay services. Some of the other banks offering their own digital wallets with contactless payments include:

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