Banking at the touch of a finger...

21 October 2015
With near field communication (NFC) becoming increasingly popular, as well as a multitude of banking apps available, it’s not surprising that smartphones are fast becoming our bank access portal of choice. 

ING DIRECT is the latest bank to tap into our desire for fast sign-in with the launch of Touch Login for its banking app, allowing customers to use the fingerprint sensor on their Touch ID capable Apple iPhones or iPads to securely log in to their mobile banking.

Janelle McGuinness, Head of Digital at ING DIRECT, said the introduction of Touch Login was about enhancing the mobile experience for the bank’s fast-growing number of digital customers:

“Across all Australian banks our customers are the most digitally engaged, with more than 70 per cent carrying out their banking via our app,” she said.

“In the past 12 months, the number of customer interactions we’ve experienced through mobile has grown by 90 per cent while online has remained steady.  As this appetite for mobile banking grows we will continue to focus on ensuring our customers’ mobile experience is as simple, straightforward and convenient as possible.”

The biometric technology is currently available for ING DIRECT customers with iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 or later.

Which banks offer biometric login?

In addition to ING DIRECT,   Bank of Melbourne is tapping into our desire for fast and convenient technology with the use of Touch ID – a fingerprint sensor technology that allows customers to securely logon to mobile banking on their iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus.

“An increasing number of our customers are doing their banking on mobile devices – that’s why the launch of Touch ID for mobile banking is such an important innovation for the industry,” said Bank of Melbourne Chief Executive Scott Tanner, at the time of launch.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation, providing quicker and easier ways for our customers to check their balance, transfer funds, and complete other transactions. We are building the bank of the future, today.”

Westpac also allows biometric identification, as does Suncorp.

Biometric technology as a verification tool for banking customers is already commonplace in some countries, including Poland and Japan, although the technology is not without its critics. But for those who are uncertain about security, if course, there will still be other security credentials, such as a security code or access number and password, available.

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