5 Investment Gift Ideas To Explore This Christmas

Christmas is arguably the best time of year, but sometimes the most stressful aspect of the silly season is deciding what to give to your friends and family. From simple gift cards to virtual pets, here are some slightly unusual investment gift ideas you can explore this Christmas.

Stake Gift Cards

One of the more obvious ways to give an investment as a gift is through stocks. In the past, buying stocks on behalf of someone else could prove difficult and especially when you consider international stocks. However, nowadays things are different. With companies such as Stake, you can pick from over 3,000 different stocks or ETFs, write your Christmas message, pay by card and have it sent by email. Stake specialises in US stocks, such as FAANG stocks, Tesla and even Berkshire Hathaway, so you should expect to find a company you’re familiar with.

Fine Wine

Gifting a bottle of wine to a loved one is certainly not unheard of. Although, if you really want to lift your ‘Christmas-gift game’ this year, you could consider opting for a fine wine instead. Some fine wines have the potential to return up 10-15% after a few years. Typically, it’s old world wines like those from the Bordeaux region that can fetch a pretty penny, but you can also get lucky with local wines too.  And, of course if it doesn’t work out, then it’s likely you would have gifted a pretty decent bottle of vino for your loved ones to enjoy.

Investing in Fine Wine
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If you have adult children struggling to get into the property market then this Christmas gift idea could appeal to you. BrickX specialises in fractional property investing and aims to generate returns that outperform the Australian property market.

BrickX decide on properties based on their growth potential and each property is divided up into 10,000 Bricks – a Brick represents a fraction of a property. Investors will gain access to a dashboard where they can keep track their investments’ performance and they can buy and sell their Bricks at any time.


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What do you get when you mix Tamagochis, trading cards and Blockchain? Answer: CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties is an online game where players trade and collect virtual cats.  Each CyptoKitty is unique with its own special code and using blockchain technology they can breed offspring with the special cattributes – yes, you read that right…The idea is to breed a CryptoKitty with the most unique cattributes and sell them on to other collectors. The rarer and more in-demand its features are the more you could get. The blockchain these kitties use is Ethereum, so to actually buy one you will need to have Ether, Ethereum’s currency.

If you know someone who might get a kick out of owning a Crypto Kitty, you can learn more about them here.

CryptoKitties on Ethereum
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Fine Art

As art is subjective, what might be attractive to you, someone else could detest, it can be tricky to give fine art as a gift. However, when you are looking at it from an investment perspective it matters less what the art looks like, and more about what it could be worth in the future.

As not everyone’s Christmas budget can accommodate fine art, especially the work of already in-demand artists, you could explore new or emerging artists. It could be worth considering artists who you think might have the potential to make it big and whose work could be considered timeless.

It may not be a gift that will appeal to everyone, it could take years even decades to see a return, but if you are wanting to learn more about investing in art check out this article.

Investing in art
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Before you buy

The idea of giving a gift that has the potential to keep on giving, can be an attractive one. Although, as with all investments there are risks involved. Before investing make sure you consider the risks, read the PDS and thoroughly conduct your own research.

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