Health Insurance Extras: What Do We Claim On?

More Australians have private health insurance ancillary (extras) cover than have hospital cover; approximately 55.4% and 47.2% of the population respectively, based on the most recent statistics from the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC).

Extras cover tends to offer a wide range of services, however there are a few major categories in which we tend to claim the most. These are:

Optical Cover

During the December 2014 quarter (September to December), private health insurers paid a total of $163 million in optical treatments. This was an average of $68.54 per claim.

Dental Cover

Dental is the big-claim area – we love a good set of teeth! During the December quarter a total of $568 million was paid out in dental claims, easily making it a $2 billion-plus area of claim each year. The $568 million equated to an average of $63.92 per claim.

When it comes to the dental health of your kids, the federal government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule can provide some assistance. However with a total benefit entitlement capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year period, private health insurance extras cover can help you to avoid large out of pocket expenses.

Aussies claim over $2 billion in dental costs

Chiropractic Cover

It’s not as popular as dental – but there are plenty of chiropractic fans out there, pushing total chiropractic claim benefits to $71 million for the December quarter. That equated to an average of $28.29 per claim.

Physiotherapy Cover

Physiotherapy is the other “big 4” extras claim, with a total of $94 million being paid out for the December quarter – perhaps a few too many DIY enthusiasts out there!  That equated to an average of $33.63 per claim

What does an extras health insurance policy cost?

It’s impossible to give an average cost for a health insurance extras policy, as the cost will vary significantly depending on what exactly is covered. In fact based on CANSTAR’s database, extras insurance can range anywhere from $14 per month up to $225!

You can use on online health insurance comparison selector to make a short list of policies that have the cover you want at an affordable price.

Compare Health Insurance Policies with CANSTAR

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