Are there deals on the cards? We explore how American Express Connect works

4 March 2020
If you have an American Express card, you may want to know more about the card provider’s member offers hub, American Express Connect.

Whether you’re a savvy spender who’s regularly on the hunt for a bargain, or an existing Amex cardholder looking to get the most out of your plastic, you may be pleased to know that American Express has a website through which cardholders can access exclusive offers.

Here’s a summary of the American Express Connect site, how it works and what you might be able to get through it.

What is American Express Connect?

American Express Connect is a website which displays the various cashback offers currently available to Amex cardholders.

It differs from other card-based benefits programs, such as those offered by Qantas or Virgin, in that the offers available aren’t always linked to earning extra reward points. Instead many of the offers are cashback-based whereby if you spend a certain amount with a particular retailer, you would get some money credited to your Amex card.

That being said, if your Amex card earns reward points on purchases, you may also earn points in the process of taking advantage of an American Express Connect offer.

How does American Express Connect work?

American Express Connect lists offers from participating retail outlets, restaurants and other commercial partners on its website. You can also choose to subscribe to have offers emailed to you as soon as they become available on the American Express Connect website. If you have any privacy concerns, you can read American Express’s Privacy Statement to find out what they may use your personal information for.

In order to make use of these offers, which are typically cashback offers, you will need to save the offer to your Amex card (note that only certain Amex cards may be eligible). To do this you will need to enter your first and last name, along with your card number and email address.

Once the offer has been saved, you will then be able to make the purchase type outlined by the terms of the offer and then receive the specified cashback on your American Express card. American Express advises that it may take up to 90 days after the offer end date for the credit to appear on your card account, but that it should usually take five working days or less. You cannot redeem the amount credited for cash or other payment forms, American Express says.

What can I get through American Express Connect?

The American Express Connect website has four types of offer at the time of writing (3/3/2020): shopping, travel, entertainment, and dining. You can receive cash back on a range of things including designer clothing, flights, technology, and dining.

At the time of writing, the minimum and maximum spends were $80 and $500 respectively, and you could earn anywhere from 10% cashback to 25% cashback depending on the deal.

fancy dinner
Dining offers are among those commonly listed American Express Connect. Credit – W. Santos (Shutterstock)

Do these offers expire?

All offers listed on the American Express Connect website have expiry dates, which generally fall within a month or two of the offer being listed.

Worth noting is the fact that the offers all come with a limit on how many American Express cards they can be saved to. Each offer can only be used by a certain number of people, so even if an offer hasn’t technically expired, you may be unable to make use of it if it has already been redeemed a certain number of times.

How do you access American Express Connect?

You can access the American Express Contact platform here. While you do not need to log in to use the platform or view the offers currently available, you will need to enter your full name, card number and email in order to save offers to your American Express card.

Is my Amex card eligible for American Express Connect?

According to American Express, at the time of writing, the following cards are ineligible for American Express Connect:

  • American Express Business Travel Accounts
  • Government Cards
  • Corporate Purchasing Cards
  • Corporate Meeting Cards
  • Corporate Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • David Jones American Express Cards
  • David Jones Store Cards

If your American Express credit card isn’t listed above, it may be eligible for access to American Express Connect, but consider checking with the provider regarding your specific card or a card you are interested in applying for.

Can Qantas and David Jones Amex cardholders use American Express Connect?

David Jones American Express cards are not eligible to take advantage of American Express Connect. American Express does not specify if Qantas American Express credit cards are eligible, so if you have a Qantas Amex card and want to use American Express Connect, you may want to contact American Express.

Is American Express Connect worth it?

If you already have an Amex card, whether American Express Connect provides you with any benefit will most likely depend on your lifestyle and spending habits. It isn’t costing you anything, but if none of the offers available interest you, it’s not benefiting you either.

However, if you’re considering taking out an Amex card and American Express Connect is a part of your reason for doing so, you may want to consider the annual fee attached to your Amex card of choice, plus its interest rate and other potential costs and benefits before deciding whether it’s worth it in order to gain access to American Express Connect. At the time of writing, annual fees for Amex cards on Canstar’s database range from $0 for the American Express Essential credit card to $395 for the American Express Explorer credit card.

You may also want to consider how much you’ll need to spend in order to avail yourself of any of the offers, and if as a result you’re likely to spend more than you would have otherwise.

If you want access to a rewards program but aren’t sure which one, or which card is right for you, you can compare rewards and frequent flyer credit cards with Canstar to help you narrow down your options.

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