UPDATED: 25 Aussie Finance Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

12 June 2018
Social media – an easy way to keep up to date with your friends, the world around you and of course, the latest crazy thing a cat somewhere has done. It is also, believe it or not, a great way to keep up to date with all things finance.

Here at Canstar, we’re finance nerds and love to keep our fingers on the pulse of financial updates. After trawling through our collective Twitter accounts to shortlist our personal faves, we democratically narrowed our list to 25 experts who we believe you should be following.

Like you, we like our news to be easily consumable with a touch of character and humour and have included financial experts who bring flair to the industry. To keep it simple, we’ve placed our tweeters into three categories:

  • Personal finance
  • General finance
  • Wealth and Investments

These experts are not in any particular order and please note, we recommend these accounts based on their finance content, and not on their personal or political beliefs.

Personal finance experts

Effie Zahos – @effiezahos

Effie Zahos is one of the most recognisable faces in Australian finance today – not only is she the Editor of Money Magazine, but she has also published two books and is a regular commentator on TV. Effie has significant experience in both banking and journalism and is renowned for simplifying financial topics from superannuation to property investment. Including her in this list just made complete cents (sorry, we had to do it).

What we like about Effie’s Twitter account: in addition to consistently tweeting out her own articles and opinions, Effie frequently shares her videos, which we find are a quick and easy way to absorb her advice.

Ross Greenwood – @Ross_Greenwood

As the Business and Finance Editor at Channel Nine and the host of Money News on a variety of different radio stations (2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 2CC ), Ross Greenwood is one of the most respected and recognisable finance experts in the country.

What we like about Ross’ Twitter account: Ross provides a combination of both personal finance tips and summaries of the state of the economy as a whole. He is also very enthusiastic in his approach, which can help when talking about subjects many people may find dry, like savings and interest rates.

Sophie Elsworth – @sophieelsworth

Sophie Elsworth is Personal Finance Writer at News Corp with over 16 years’ experience in journalism. Sophie covers a range of personal finance topics including savings, budgeting, home loans and super.

What we like about Sophie’s Twitter account: Sophie stands up for Aussie consumers through her articles by sharing the latest tips and traps around financial products such as loans, insurance and credit cards. It’s clear she is firmly on the side of her near 2,000 followers.

Noel Whittaker – @NoelWhittaker

The man known as Australia’s ‘financial wizard of Oz’, Noel Whittaker, has written 20 bestselling books and has written for major newspapers like The Age, The Sunday Mail and The Sydney Morning Herald. Today he is an Adjunct Professor at Queensland Univerity of Technology and runs his own financial insights website noelwhittaker.com.au.

What we like about Noel’s Twitter account: in addition to posting his own opinions and insights, Noel also shares the love by retweeting interesting tidbits from other well-known financial commentators (many of whom feature in this list). As we always say, it is healthy to get a second opinion on matters of finance, so Noel is a good person to follow.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon  –@NicolePedMcK

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon is a financial commentator, educator and presenter and columnist at Fairfax Media. As the founder of TheMoneyMentorWay.com, she is a keen advocate of promoting financial literacy among Australians both young and old.

What we like about Nicole’s Twitter account: As a qualified financial adviser, Nicole uses her account to provide relevant and easy-to-understand financial tips and advice. You know you’re in for quality tips by adding her to your feed.

Karen Collier – @KarenCollierHS

Karen Collier is Consumer Reporter for the Herald Sun. Rather than focusing purely on financial products and news, Karen – as her title suggests – focuses on everyday spending and ways you can save money. Common topics she focuses on include cars, shopping, internet and electricity costs.

What we like about Karen’s Twitter account: Karen posts her articles on Twitter, so if you want to gain expert insight into how you can save money in your daily life and are looking for something easy to read on the bus to work, Karen could be one to follow.

Clancy Yeates – @clancyyeates

Clancy Yeates is a Business Reporter for Fairfax publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. He writes about banks and business, focusing on financial services, and has been doing so for Fairfax since 2008.

What we like about Clancy’s Twitter account: Clancy regularly updates his followers on articles he has written, and these articles tend to provide Clancy’s own insight on matters of credit cards, super and all things banking. He’s another good choice if you’re looking for a daily finance fix with an honest opinion. He also retweets content from some of the other experts in this list.

John Collett – @jcollett_money

John writes for Fairfax Media about personal finance including superannuation, mortgages, investments and budgeting. He writes features in a relatable way, including case studies to provide insight into common financial problems or scenarios.

What we like about John’s Twitter account: John posts links to his articles so you can stay up to date as soon as the story goes live. He provides great material for anyone wanting easy-to-read advice or industry updates.

Vanessa Stoykov – @ceovanessa

Vanessa is the Founder of No More Practice Education, an online financial education centre, as well as the Chief Executive of Evolution Media Group. She also recently published her book ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings’, which aims to ‘change people’s long-term financial behaviours’.

What we like about Vanessa’s Twitter account: One of Vanessa’s mottos is ‘unlearn your money’ and that’s exactly what she preaches on her Twitter page – family finance tips and tricks that are sometimes just a little different from established saving (or non-saving!) behaviours. As well as her own advice, she shares insights from other well-known experts, some of whom feature on this list.

Katherine Temple – @Katherine_M_T

As the Senior Policy Officer at Consumer Action Law Centre, Katherine Temple is a champion of Australian consumer rights, particularly in areas concerning credit, retail banking and competition.

What we like about Katherine’s Twitter account: While some high-profile people on Twitter tend to mince their words around touchy finance subjects, Katherine does no such thing, particularly when it comes to consumers being wronged by banks and financial institutions. If you feel you’ve been duped lately, she could be a good person to tweet to!

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman (Financy) – @LiveFinancy

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman is a finance journalist and the founder of Financy.com.au, an online money magazine dedicated to inspiring women to live their best lives through reaching their financial goals. Bianca is also the founder of the Financy Women’s Index, a quarterly index that tracks the economic progress of Australian women.

What we like about Bianca’s Twitter account: Bianca posts through the Financy account and has a unique voice we believe cuts through the Twittersphere, speaking directly to women about the financial issues that matter. Bianca’s tweets cover topics like life insurance, super growth and breaking into the property market, as well as everyday money advice.

General finance experts

David Scutt – @Scutty

David Scutt is a Global Markets and Economics Editor at Business Insider Australia. He has also served as the Treasury Dealer at Arab Bank and Commonwealth Bank, as well as Business Operations Supervisor at ASX, giving him vast experience as a financial markets specialist.

What we like about David’s Twitter account: David has over 12,000 Twitter followers and offers regular updates on the goings-on in the economy including retail, international markets, housing, investments and more. He can also be counted on for insightful retweets, bringing other useful posts and opinions to your feed.

Alan Kohler – @AlanKohler

With a decades-long career at various media like The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and the ABC, as well as having more than 95,000 Twitter followers, Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most influential financial journalists. He has a whole lotta experience and acquired knowledge, delivered straight to you via his Twitter account.

What we like about Alan’s Twitter account: we like how Alan often brings personality and wit to his financial commentary, and our team is a fan of his insightful charts (yes.. we love charts). He also posts links to his podcasts and interviews from the independent daily news website he founded, The Constant Investor.

Mark Bouris – @markbouris

Mark Bouris is one of the most recognisable people on this list. Not only is he Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, he is also vastly experienced when it comes to the media. In 2009 he hosted the Australian version of ‘The Apprentice’, and hosts ‘The Mark Bouris Show’ and ‘The Mentor’.

What we like about Mark’s Twitter account: Mark is opinionated on social media and isn’t afraid to say what he really thinks without mincing his words – which makes him an ideal person to follow if you want to learn more about all things business and finance. Our team also appreciates how keen he his to share his learnings to help others better themselves.

Ross Gittins – @1RossGittins

Ross Gittins, Economics Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, is another who has a ‘stack’ of financial experience you can ‘bank’ on – he was made a member of the Order of Australia in 2008 and awarded two honorary doctorates for services to journalism due to his work as a commentator on economic theory and policy for over 40 years.  Ross now focusses on educating year 11 and 12 high school students around Australia and is a firm believer in financial literacy among young people.

What we like about Ross’ Twitter account: Ross has a large Twitter following of more than 28,000 people and when he’s not tweeting his own articles he is retweeting the works of others – both industry experts and average joes with something insightful to say.

Jessica Irvine – @Jess_Irvine

Jessica Irvine is a senior economics writer for Fairfax Media. Jessica writes opinion columns on economics and money in a down to earth way. She also co-hosted the ‘It All Adds Up’ podcast alongside fellow economics writers Ross Gittins and Matt Wade and has appeared as a panellist on ABC TV’s Q&A and Channel 10’s Meet the Press.

What we like about Jessica’s Twitter account: a self-described “numbers nerd and policy wonk”, Jessica regularly tweets about politics, economics and money for more than 22,000 Twitter followers. As you can see in the tweet below, she gets the struggles of the everyday consumer.

Shane Oliver – @ShaneOliverAMP

Shane Oliver is the Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy at AMP Capital and has decades of experience in the industry. He provides regular insights for AMP Capital, shares daily snapshots of the economy on his Twitter account and also weekly market updates which are actually relatively easy to understand.

What we like about Shane’s Twitter account: as a frequent and high-profile tweeter, Shane has nearly 14,000 followersNot only does he provide daily snapshots of the Australian economy, he also shares the goings-on in foreign markets. The way Shane can squeeze an update on the performance of the Australian economy into a single tweet is one impressive skill.

Stephen Koukoulas – @TheKouk

Stephen Koukoulas – also known as ‘The Kouk’ – is the current Managing Director at Market Economics. He has previously served as Chief Economist for two major banks in Australia and even served as the Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister. With all of this combined, he has more than 25 years of experience at the top of his field.

What we like about Shane’s Twitter account: The Kouk has more than 35,000 followers and must have great phone battery life, either retweeting or tweeting almost every hour. He gives great analysis of both public and private sector economies and breaks down the opportunities and risks facing them. He can also be quite direct in his tweets, which in our opinion helps him stand out from the crowds of yes-men.

Jane Slack-Smith – @Renoqueen

Jane Slack-Smith is an investment commentator and author, having written the popular book ‘Your Property Success With Renovation’ and providing advice via her podcast. Jane makes regular media appearances as a property investment educator and consistently provides insights and recommendations to her followers on all forms of social media.

What we like about Jane’s Twitter account: Jane is a good option for more casual Twitter users as she tweets at a more casual pace of a few times a week. However, just like Canstar, she believes in quality over quantity. You can find all sorts of insightful updates on the property market, which is always a hot topic.

Michael Pascoe – @MichaelPascoe01

Michael Pascoe is one of the most experienced financial commentators in Australia, having decades of experience in both print and digital journalism. Michael currently works as a commentator and editor for The New Daily and provides his followers with regular updates on his opinions and what’s happening in Australian finance. He also delivers his information in an easily consumable and interesting way, previously saying “I’ve sat through too many boring economics and business presentations to think anyone else should have to”. Thanks Michael!

What we like about Michael’s Twitter account: Michael’s Twitter account is extremely active – and not just focused on finance. He regularly posts a range of bits and bobs that are of interest to him, so his near 15,000 followers get a good dose of humour on top of learning something every day.

Michael Janda – @mikejanda

Michael Janda is a Senior Digital Business Reporter for the ABC and has been working with the outlet since 2008. Michael reports on all things finance and economics and makes numerous appearances on TV and radio to boot. One such example is his regular appearance on the Midday Report, where he presents the share market report.

What we like about Michael’s Twitter account: In Michael’s own words, he seeks to help people “decipher economics, financial markets and public policy so they understand how it affects their lives”, which can be useful considering how complex some of these topics can be. His Twitter account presents data snapshots in an easy-to-understand manner, and he definitely sides with consumers, which we can all appreciate!

Simon Pressley – @SimonPressley

Simon Pressley is the market analyst, accredited advisor and managing director at Propertyology, and in 2015 was recognised for winning three consecutive awards as Australian Buyer’s Agent of the Year. A personality with strong opinions on the property market, Simon appears on prominent programs such as Sky News Real Estate, and is a regular contributor to high-profile sites like Australian Property Investor and Canstar!

What we like about Simon’s Twitter account: Simon holds strong and passionate views on all things property and isn’t afraid to share these views with his followers. With just over 1,000 followers he’s a niche pick, yet as you can see from the tweet below, he also has a way of making complicated charts on housing data fun and interesting.

Wealth & investment gurus

Josh Callaghan – @CallaghanJosh

If trading is your game, Canstar’s own Josh Callaghan, General Manager of Wealth, is the name. Josh is deeply passionate about fintech (financial technology) and how it affects the investment world, which is why he is the co-founder of @. Josh is also the brains behind Canstar’s Investor Hub – Australia’s first online portal for investors to compare retail products and useful fintechs.

What we like about Josh’s Twitter account: firstly we should caveat that we may be a bit biased towards him, but we believe Josh is a good person to follow on Twitter (and LinkedIn) if you want to learn about investments and growing your wealth from someone who is genuinely passionate.

Assad Tannous – @AsennaWealth

Assad Tannous is both the Founder and Senior Trader at Asenna Wealth Solutions, which helps investors stay up to date on market information and maximise their returns. Assad has a wealth (pun intended) of experience in trading, as evidenced by his two top-10 finishes at the CMC Trading Competition.

What we like about Assad’s Twitter account: Assad uses his Twitter account to share his own personal experiences and knowledge and regularly tweets out his trades in real time, explaining why he came to that decision. He’s an excellent choice for a beginner investor to follow, as he will literally point out to you why he believes investing in a certain share is a good or bad idea. Not many traders are willing to do this!

Greg McKenna – @gregorymckenna

Greg McKenna has close to 30 years of experience in banking and as an independent trader. He has previously managed billions of dollars as Fund Manager at NSW State Super and held a number of roles at various banks, giving him a huge amount of knowledge and insight into various markets and investment strategies. Today he writes at AxiTrader and is interviewed by Sky Business regularly.

What we like about Greg’s Twitter account: As an expert in economics, behavioural finance and markets, Greg is adept at imparting his insights in a simple yet informative manner to his 19,000+ followers. In his own words:

“Almost anyone can be a profitable trader – you just have to learn the basics”

Of course, Canstar has its own Twitter account, which you can find at @CANSTAR. Here at Canstar we have some pretty informative articles of our own which we release every day, so why not check out what else we cover?

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