Medibank wins Outstanding Value Health Insurance Australia

Medibank Health Insurance

Canstar Research
Award: Outstanding Value Health Insurance Australia award for 2015

Medibank has repeated its continued success by retaining the Outstanding Value Health Insurance Australia award for 2015. Medibank has had some notable changes in their corporate structure over the past year, but this hasn’t changed our opinion on what they are delivering Australian’s when it comes to Health Insurance.

Medibank may not have achieved as many state awards this year but this has only masked what was a very strong performance. They were either top or second ranked in all states and territories bar one when it came to Extras and Packaged cover.

In extras they received a five star rating across all profiles – that includes 13 different consumer profiles across all states and territories. These results were spearheaded by their Basic and Top Extras policies. In addition, their customers are able 
to access Medibank’s Members Choice network to help in keeping their health costs down. Their results are further highlighted by achieving the state awards in Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

Medibank’s offers a diverse range of packaged cover for their customers to choose. These have been based around life stages providing choice to Australian’s as they progress through life. This includes cover for new families, settled families and young singles/couples who all have differing needs and don’t particularly want to be paying for cover that they don’t necessarily need. Across the various consumer profiles and states, Medibank’s packaged cover policies received 349 five star ratings – an amazing effort.

In hospital cover Medibank was found to offer either outstanding or strong value across all profiles. Their top performing polices were their Basic and Top Hospital.


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