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Compare travel insurance, find cheap travel insurance or fully-featured cover for your holiday or travel, and compare policy benefits. We’ve split up our profiles into domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance. Our profiles cover destinations like Thailand, New Zealand, the US and UK and more. For more see our travel insurance hints & tips.

Feb 252015
 Posted by on 25/02/2015
When should I purchase my travel insurance policy?

Over 9 million Australians travelled out of Australia in 2013-14, a huge boost from 2004, when just 3.9 million Australians left the country. But one of the key questions many Australian travellers want to know is – WHEN should I purchase my travel insurance?

Jan 272015
 Posted by on 27/01/2015
Seven Aussie Places to visit in 2015

With over 763,000 short-term departures during September last year alone, it’s clear that Australians love jetting off overseas. However, a falling Aussie dollar means that holidaying at home is set [...]

Dec 052014
 Posted by on 05/12/2014
Travel Insurance for South Africa

South Africa offers some of the most diverse holiday experiences on the planet. From safaris where you can catch a glimpse of elephants, lions and rhinos, to witnessing some of [...]

Dec 042014
 Posted by on 04/12/2014
Travel Insurance for France

While it’s not at the top of our list of most common holiday destinations, France is still an extremely popular choice for Australians travelling overseas, with the Australian Bureau of [...]