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Compare Margin Loans – Compare Interest Rates & Features

Compare margin loan interest rates, Star Ratings, costs and features. A margin loan allows you to borrow money to invest in shares, managed funds, master trusts and wraps. Read more Hints & Tips.
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Jan 152015
 Posted by on 15/01/2015
What is a margin call?

Risk is the engine of the stock market. Without risk, there would be no way to make money as your stock prices rise. Of course, the same risk that inflates [...]

Jan 152015
 Posted by on 15/01/2015
Pros and Cons of Margin Lending

Most Australian adults are familiar with the concept of borrowing to invest, with approximately $412 billion currently on loan for investment housing alone. As with borrowing to invest in property, [...]

Jan 152015
 Posted by on 15/01/2015
Margin lending: plenty on offer

It appears guests at the investing table continue to show little appetite for risk, no matter how attractively margin loans are plated up and presented. The most recent Reserve Bank [...]

Jan 142015
 Posted by on 14/01/2015
What is “Financial Planning Week”?

Each year the Financial Planning Association hosts Financial Planning Week – an event designed to raise public awareness of both financial planning in general and the potential benefits of personal [...]