St.George/Bank SA: new limits to ATM withdrawals

15 September 2015
St.George, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne customers can now set their own ATM withdrawal limits straight from their mobile banking app or via internet banking, removing the need to visit a branch or telephone a banker.

The new service gives customers the flexibility to increase or decrease their daily ATM and EFTPOS cash withdrawal limits between $20 and $2,000 for credit and debit cards.

Travis Tyler, St.George?s Head of Mobile, said providing more flexible ATM withdrawal limits is an important step in putting customers in control of their money and giving them more choice.

“Our customers can now tailor their cash withdrawal limits to suit their individual saving and spending needs. Whether you?re on a strict budget and only want access to $20 a day or you need to up your limit to $2,000 a day to make your next big purchase, St.George now gives you the flexibility to do it.”

According to the Group, the new feature will be a time saver for busy customers – and a money saver for the institutions by reducing the number of calls. It is also keeping in step with the increasing propensity for Australians to bank on the run.

To increase or decrease daily ATM and EFTPOS limits, customers simply need to go into the Services tab in mobile banking and choose Change ATM/EFTPOS cash limit or ?Manage my Accounts? tab in internet banking.  Customers can increase or decrease their ATM/EFTPOS limit anytime.

The service is available for St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA customers.

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