2021 Most Satisfied Customers – Banking Awards

2021 Most Satisfied Customers – Banking Awards

Canstar’s Customer Satisfaction Awards are based on how content customers are with their financial institution or other provider. They are designed to complement our Star Ratings and Awards, which are calculated by Canstar’s expert researchers. 

Canstar surveyed thousands of Australians and asked them to rate their satisfaction with their bank, home lender and credit card provider. We also asked them how happy they were with their frequent flyer program. 

Customers were asked about their overall satisfaction, plus their satisfaction with specific aspects of their product or service, such as customer service, fees and charges and value for money. 

Read on to see which providers had the most satisfied customers in Australia across various banking and related products and services.

Released August 2021

2021 Most Satisfied Customers – Banking Awards


  • Bank – ING
  • Major Bank – NAB
  • Customer-Owned Bank – Greater Bank

Online and Mobile Banking

  • Online Banking – Greater Bank
  • Mobile Banking – Bendigo Bank

Home Lender

  • Home Lender – Adelaide Bank
  • Home Lender Major Bank – NAB

Credit Cards

  • Credit Card Provider – American Express
  • Rewards Credit Card Provider – Coles
  • Low Rate Credit Card Provider – ING

Frequent Flyer Program

  • Frequent Flyer Program – Velocity Frequent Flyer

Numbers crunched by Canstar Researchers

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What makes for a happy customer?

Australians thought customer service was the most important factor driving customer satisfaction in relation to their bank and home lender.

When it came to rating their online banking provider, it was the functionality of transfers and payments. For mobile banking, customers prioritised ease of log in from their provider.

Value for money was the main consideration when rating credit card providers and low rate credit card providers. For rewards credit card providers and frequent flyer programs, the most important factor was customer service. This was followed closely by the rewards program and value for money.

As part of Canstar’s survey, customers also considered their overall satisfaction with their financial institution or provider and their satisfaction with other factors specific to each Award.

For example, with the Bank, Major Bank and Customer-Owned Bank Awards, customers considered their satisfaction across the areas of ongoing fees and charges, product range, communication, value for money, digital banking and the interest rate on offer. Read Canstar’s Customer Satisfaction Award methodology for more information about how our Awards are determined.

Most Satisfied Customers - Banking Award 2021