Changing address checklist: Who to notify when moving house

4 November 2020
Whether you are moving house to buy or rent, a change in address can require a lot of project management. By informing the right people and services, you’ll continue receiving relevant communications, keep your records up to date, and comply with any necessary legal requirements of your state. So, who do you need to notify about your big move?

Here are some of the providers, government departments and services to contact when moving address:

You may find the Australian Government’s quick links to state, territory and local government, and federal government departments and agencies helpful if you need to contact a particular provider with your new details directly.

If you are relocating a business, there are special considerations to think about.

Insurance providers

If you have home and contents insurance, it is important to notify your provider by telephone, or by logging into your online platform (if your provider has one) when you change address. If you, family members, or other policyholders damage items during or after your move, or damage your new property when moving in, home and contents insurance or transit insurance, may help provide a level of financial cover, so it’s important to ensure to check the cover included n your policy and update for your new address starting on moving day.

Don’t forget about health insurance or life insurance policies you may have as well. Health insurance providers need your correct address for important correspondence and for helping you find local health services in your area. Your premium may go up – or down – if you’re moving state, so it’s also important to get your address changed quickly so you can be sure you’re paying the right amount, and that you’re covered should you need assistance. Health and life insurance details can often be changed over the phone, or online if your provider has an online portal.

If you own a car, it might also be a good idea to update your car insurance too, as premiums may go up or down depending on the area and the new parking situation. Again, this can be done over the phone, or online if your provider offers this service. Canstar has a list of car insurance providers that you may find helpful, if you’d like to compare new car insurance options, or get in touch with your current provider.

Post office

It may also be a good idea to let Australia Post know about your move. Australia Post offers a redirect service that you can arrange for one, three, six, or 12 months, and you can extend this even further if you haven’t managed to inform everyone by the time the service runs out. You can apply for the redirect service online with a valid form of ID, such as a driver licence. Pricing varies for personal, concession, home office, and business customers, with starting rates from $33 for personal customers to $132 for business customers. In special circumstances, such as if you’re in charge of a deceased estate, or are a victim of domestic violence or a natural disaster in Australia, you may be eligible for a free 12-month mail redirection.

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Government departments

Many Australians have a myGov account that links in information from providers such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Centrelink, Medicare and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. You can update your address details in your myGov account, and the details will be sent to selected services if you have them linked, including:

  • Australian JobSearch
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Centrelink
  • Medicare
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • State Revenue Office Victoria

If you have other services linked to your myGov account, you’ll need to contact them directly to notify of the change.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will need to be contacted directly to change your address. You can change your address by selecting ‘Change my details’ on the AEC’s online enrolment form.

Some state and territory governments also offer online services that allow you to inform multiple departments of your details using a single online form. This is currently available for those living in Queensland, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Some local councils also offer this service, allowing you to change your postal address details to update information that’s used for library cards, rates and dog registration services. The Australian Local Government Association publishes a council mailing list with phone, fax and website information for all of the 500+ councils in Australia. Many major councils have an online form that residents can use to change their address details, such as City of Sydney, City of Perth and Brisbane City Council.

If you receive specific support, such as for a Seniors Card, information is usually available online about how you can update your details (such as from Victoria’s Seniors Online portal), and many governments (federally, state-wide and locally) also often have phone numbers that you can call to notify authorities about your change of address. If you’re receiving the age pension, changing your address can be done by contacting the Department of Human Services via the myGov website, mobile app or over the phone.

Transport department

To change the address on your driver licence and vehicle registration, there is usually an online form on your state or territory transport department website you can use. Alternatively, you can contact your state or territory transport department by phone or visit a branch in person to provide your new address details.

Once you have made the changes, your transport department will typically send through a new label with the amended address to put on your licence and a new registration certificate, if required. There is usually no fee involved for updating your address.

In selected states and territories, you can also use a single online form to notify multiple providers – including your transport department – of a change to your address. In Queensland, residents can sign up for a QGov account, and change residential or postal addresses online once with the details shared.

If you want to transfer your licence or registration details to a new state or territory, you will generally need to contact the new state or territory transport department directly, and costs may be payable. More information about this topic is available for residents in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Healthcare providers

Don’t forget to inform your healthcare providers such as your dentist, GP and optometrist (if you have one) about your upcoming move so that these services can continue to send important correspondence such as appointment letters and reminders to you. If you decide to change your GP, perhaps due to a relocation, you can request that your health information is transferred directly to your new doctor’s clinic.

If you have a My Health Record with myGov, you can also add details to your personal health summary and ask your GP, nurse or specialist to upload a summary of your visits and medical records for health practitioners in future. For Medicare, you can change your address details through your myGov account, or make changes through the Express Plus Medicare app. Alternatively, a phone call should also do the trick.


It is a good idea to inform your gas, electricity and water providers of your move as soon as possible, as they are responsible for disconnecting utilities at your old address and connecting them at your new address. It’s best to provide at least one week of notice, although more notice is recommended to minimise the risk of delays. If you are a tenant, you may not be responsible for the water bill at a property you are renting, depending on your lease. If this is the case, you may not be required to notify a relevant water service provider about your relocation.

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Also, be sure to inform your phone and internet provider too, so that you can begin to arrange for your service to be transferred and reconnected at your new address. It’s also a good idea to inform any streaming services you might use, such as Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and Disney+, about your change in address for billing and communications purposes.

Bank and financial services

It’s important that your bank and credit card provider/s have your correct contact details on file for sending paper statements and other correspondence. Your address may also be used as part of a security check should you need to contact your bank, so keeping your details up-to-date is crucial. Some banks allow their customers to change their address details online or through their banking app. For others, however, you may need to contact the bank by phone, as they may need to ask you some security questions to ensure you’re eligible to be changing the address. It is usually not necessary to visit the bank in person.

If you have a superannuation fund, it’s a good idea to update your address details via phone or online (if your fund has an online portal) to ensure you keep receiving important correspondence through the mail. If you have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) you will also need to update your ABN (Australian business number) address details with the Australian Business Register (ABR) within 28 days. You can change your address details online with the ABR.

Work and education

Informing your employer/s and education provider/s of your change of address can be as simple as contacting your HR department (for work) and school or university office (for any studies). Your place of work will require your address details as part of the payroll, and for sending any necessary documentation.

Social/entertainment/exercise groups and subscriptions

You can also inform any social clubs, classes, loyalty programs and gyms you use about your change of address, to ensure you receive any relevant communications by mail. You may also want to update your address details for any subscription services you use, such as regular food or beauty package postal services, and newspaper, magazine and catalogue subscriptions. You can typically update your address by contacting providers online or over the phone.

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Changing address details for a business

There are a number of considerations if you’re relocating a business. It is a legal requirement to ensure that your business details are kept up-to-date, and in many cases you must notify the relevant authorities within 28 days of your move. The Australian Business Register is one of the most important organisations to notify. You can change your details in a number of ways:

You will also need to update your details with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, which can be done online. It is important that ASIC has both your new business address and the correct address for any correspondence if this is also changing as part of your business relocation.

This article update was reviewed by our Sub Editor Jacqueline Belesky and Senior Finance Journalist Shay Waraker before it was published as part of our fact-checking process.

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