Medibank Wins Outstanding Value Award for Health Insurance

15 September 2014


Canstar is pleased to congratulate Medibank for winning the national Outstanding Value Award – Health Insurance.

Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a health insurance product. So much choice can make it difficult though, so Canstar makes the process easier via its annual Health Insurance Star Ratings report. This year, to determine which providers offer outstanding value for money, Canstar analysed of more than 26,000 quotes from some 707 eligible health insurance products from 22 health insurance providers, measured against 13 demographic profiles.

Canstar is pleased to congratulate Medibank on winning the national outstanding value health insurance award; Luke Fishley, General Manager, Product, Medibank took the time to answer a couple of questions.

Q: Can you share Medibank?s philosophy when it comes to health insurance?

At Medibank we are motivated by improving the health of all Australians and the health of our members. We are passionate about building a better health system that is focused on people and is sustainable in the long term. Our core business in private health insurance is complemented by our delivery of integrated healthcare services to our private health insurance policyholders and others.

We stand for better health – simple words that sit at the heart of everything we do.

At Medibank we seek to drive value by servicing and profitably growing our customer base, and using our scale and experience across the healthcare industry to achieve affordable, quality health outcomes for our customers.

Q: Medibank has a terrific focus on preventative health and wellness. Why the focus on preventative health?

As a private health insurer Medibank believes it has a role to play in taking being taken to help support people to lead healthier lives, helping them to prevent chronic disease and keep them out of hospitals.

Health is one of the biggest challenges facing society today – chronic disease is on the rise, obesity rates in Australia are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world. The cost of inactivity alone costs Australia more than $13 billion a year and it is estimated that it results in more than 16,000 deaths in Australian annually.

While we?re living longer than ever before, regular exercise and healthy eating can help to prevent up to 80 per cent of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and around one-third of cancers, but people simply aren?t taking the simple steps needed to achieve good health.

At Medibank we?re all about Australians getting involved in better health but some people find it hard to get motivated and this program may be just what they need to help them take that step in the right direction.

We are currently providing a range of incentives for people to exercise more and eat better including a new flybuys offer for members who link their their Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker, providing 10 flybuys points for each day they reach 10,000 steps. This is in addition to an initiative that began in July last year, to award triple flybuys points on fresh fruit and vegetables purchased at Coles supermarkets.

Readers can download Canstar 2014 Health Insurance Star Ratings report here.

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