Multi-policy discounts for car insurance

One way to save on your car insurance could be to bundle it together with other insurance products, such as home insurance.

A number of insurers offer discounts on your premiums if you take out multiple policies with them. This is known as a multi-policy discount. Depending on the insurer, this saving may apply to all of your policies or any subsequent policies you take out.

In addition to lowering your premiums, having multiple policies with one insurer may also help to streamline your insurance and make your policies easier to manage. However, it’s important to consider whether it might be cheaper and you may get better coverage by taking out policies with different insurers.

Which car insurers offer multi-policy discounts?

The table below displays a selection of the insurers and products in Canstar’s database that are offering multi-policy discounts on car insurance at the time of writing. Before applying for a policy, consider checking with the insurer to confirm the details of the offer, including any additional terms and conditions that may apply.

Provider Product Multi-policy discount Eligible policies to combine with car insurance
ANZ Car insurance Get a 10% discount on your newest policy if you hold two eligible policies, and a 12.5% discount if you hold three or more eligible policies. Discount is applied to existing policies upon renewal. Home Insurance and Landlord Insurance.
APIA Car insurance Save 10% on each policy if you hold two or more eligible policies.

Alternatively, if you take out a car and home insurance policy together before 31 July 2020, you can save 20% on the second new eligible policy.

Building Insurance, Contents Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Boat Insurance, Caravan Insurance and Motorhome Insurance.


Car insurance Existing eligible Bupa Health members receive a 10% discount on car insurance. Minimum premiums may apply. Check with Bupa for details. Health Insurance.
GIO Car insurance Receive a 10% multi-policy discount if you hold three or more eligible policies. Home Building, Contents, Landlord, Motorcycle, Caravan and Boat Insurance. A NSW CTP insurance policy or ACT MAI policy will count as an eligible policy, but the premium for these policies will not be discounted.
NRMA Car insurance (all policies including Vintage, Veteran & Classic car) NRMA offers a loyalty discount of up to 25% per policy, which increases the longer you have had a policy with NRMA and the more eligible policies you have. Motorcycle, Home Buildings, Home Contents, Home Buildings and Contents, Landlord, Caravan, Boat and Trailer Insurance are eligible to count towards and receive a discount. Retail Business Insurance, Life Insurance and Income Protection count towards a discount only.


Car insurance 10% discount on each policy when you have three or more motor and/or home insurance policies in the same name. Motor and/or home insurance policies. Excludes Travel Insurance.
RACQ Motor Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance, Fire, Theft and Third Party Liability Insurance (each count as one cover). Up to 5% off each policy when you have three or more eligible insurance policies with RACQ. Motorcycle Insurance, Home and/or Contents Insurance, Pet Insurance, Caravan and Trailer Insurance and Boat Insurance.


Car insurance Receive a discount on your premium when combining car insurance with home and contents insurance. See RACT for details. Home and contents insurance.


Car insurance (including Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle insurance) Save 10% off each policy when you take out two or more eligible insurance policies. Home, Caravan and Trailer, Landlord and Boat insurance.


All car and motorbike policies (including Vintage, Veteran and Classic Car) SGIC offers a loyalty discount of up to 25% on each eligible policy. The more policies you hold with SGIC and the longer you hold them, the larger your discount. Home, Caravan and Landlord insurance count towards and receive a discount. Retail Business insurance counts towards your policy count but does not receive the loyalty discount.


Motor policies (Comprehensive Plus, Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Property Damage). Also includes Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle. Each counts as one policy. SGIO offers a loyalty discount of up to 25% to customers across all eligible policies. The more policies you hold with SGIO and the longer you hold them, the larger your loyalty discount. Home, Landlord, On-site Caravan, Touring Caravan, Boat and Trailer insurance count towards a discount and receive a discount. Retail Business Insurance, Life Insurance and Income Protection count towards a discount but do not receive a discount.
Shannons Insurance


Car insurance If you have a motor policy and then take out a home and contents policy, you will receive a discount of up to 10% off the home and contents premium. Home and contents insurance.
Suncorp Insurance


Car insurance Combine three or more eligible policies and save 15%. Home, Contents, Landlord, Motorcycle, Caravan (including trailer), Motorhome and Boat. In Queensland, CTP counts as an eligible policy but does not receive a discount.

Note that some of these discounts might not apply to optional covers (such as windscreen cover). The discount might also only apply to your car insurance and not your other policies, or to another policy you combine with your car insurance and not the car insurance policy itself. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions of the offers before you apply. Source: Providers’ websites. Information correct as at 21/07/20.

Compare car insurance with Canstar

While discounts and bonuses sound great, don’t forget that a policy offering a multi-policy discount isn’t always better value than one that doesn’t offer one. Consider whether you could potentially get better value by taking out multiple policies from different insurers. It’s also a good idea to weigh up the features of each product to make sure you’re getting the right amount of coverage for you.

Canstar compares a range of car insurance policies based on both price and features. You can compare policies using our comparison tables and you might also like to view the results of our latest Car Insurance Star Ratings and Awards.

If you’re considering car insurance policies, the comparison table below displays some of the policies currently available on Canstar’s database for a 30-39 year old male seeking cover in NSW without cover for an extra driver under 25. Please note the table is sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest) followed by provider name (alphabetical) and features links direct to the providers’ websites. Use Canstar’s car insurance comparison selector to view a wider range of policies.

This article was originally written by Dominic Beattie and William Jolly

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