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Compare Credit Card Rewards

We’ve compared over 138 rewards programs to give you some insight into what’s out there. Use our research to compare and find the best rewards program for you! Reward programs attached to credit cards are sophisticated loyalty programs which reward card holders who use the card as their preferred payment option. There are several different types of rewards programs but they all work on the same premise that the more you use the greater the reward points you accumulate. Hints And Tips.

Dec 012014
 Posted by on 01/12/2014
Flybuys heads online

One month out from Christmas, supermarket giant Coles has announced a new initiative: flybuys eshops. It’s a partnership with a number of online shopping sites (including eBay and Apple) where [...]

Oct 132014
 Posted by on 13/10/2014
Extra costs stall flight rewards

Many flights paid for by rewards points risk not getting off the ground if consumers disregard the true cost of flights. Why? Because CANSTAR research shows that, in some cases, [...]

Oct 132014
 Posted by on 13/10/2014
What rewards could Aussies get?

Aussies love their credit cards and according to the Reserve Bank of Australia we collectively spent just over $270 billion on our credit cards during the 12 months to July [...]