What is a SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA)?

12 June 2018
When your employer makes a superannuation payment into your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), it is done electronically using a standardised format known as SuperStream. In order for your SMSF to receive this information, it needs an Electronic Service Address (ESA).

What is an Electronic Service Address?

An Electronic Service Address, or ESA, functions as a mailbox for messages for your SuperStream. This generally takes the form of a URL or IP address, like the address used to access a website or computer. An email address is not a valid ESA.

All superannuation guarantee payments are required to use SuperStream, allowing standardisation of payments and information no matter who your employer is and the nature of your super fund. SuperStream sends the money and the accompanying information together in an electronic format. This allows your employer to pay all employees in one transaction, even if they use different super funds. This also helps to ensure payments are processed efficiently and with fewer errors than the way payments were processed in the past.

How do I get an ESA?

You should be able to obtain an ESA from your SMSF administrator, tax agent, accountant or bank. You can also obtain one from a dedicated SMSF messaging provider. ESA services are usually either free or low cost. Once you obtain an ESA, you need to provide the address to your employer.

This will enable you to receive contributions and their associated messages and will fulfil the technical requirements for your SMSF to interact with the electronic super network

Failing to obtain an active ESA can result in your super contributions being redirected to your employer’s default super fund. Make sure that you only use an ESA you have permission to use from the provider.

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