7 Online Share Trading Courses (2021)

Content Producer · 26 October 2021
There are many online share trading courses available to help you learn about investing – but which one is right for you? To help you find one suited to what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of courses, what they cover and what they cost.


The ASX is the home of Australia’s financial markets and as such is a reliable source of information. Luckily, for Aussie investors the ASX provide a number of free course covering a whole range of investment topics including:

Each topic has several modules that cover the basics and what you need to get started. The modules are also in a PDFs format that you can download and keep on hand for whenever you need them. And, to make sure that you’ve understood the key takeaways there is a quiz you can take at the end of each module.

Cost: Free

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ASA stock market course

The Australian Shareholders Association has developed two video courses for investors: Investing in Shares 101 and Stock Market Course. The that covers selecting stocks, money management, investment strategies, fundamental and technical analysis, managing risk, investment psychology and more. The Investing in Shares 101 course will set you back $149 in your not an ASA member, whereas, the Stock Market course’s first module is free, but to access the remaining modules you need to be a member.

Cost: Varies between courses

InvestSmart Boot Camp

InvestSmart Boot Camp has been designed by experts and aims to help investors make good investment decisions. The course is taught over six modules: planning, diversification, vehicles, strategies, psychology and next steps. You can do the course at your own pace over a maximum of three months and it includes weekly webinars and online support from experts.

Cost: $49.50

Wealth Within

The Wealth Within offers four online share trading course:

  • Trading mentor course
  • Short course in Share Trading
  • Diploma of Share Trading and Investment
  • Forex Trading course
  • Advanced Trading Strategies Course

Every course will differ depending on how in-depth they are and what investment products they cover. However, overall they aim to teach investors how to apply investment strategies to choose the right shares, analyse the market with more confidence, minimise risk and maximise profits. The courses are suitable for those just starting out and professionals looking for a career change into the finance and investment industry.

Cost: Varies between courses. You can pay the fee upfront or through a payment plan.


Udemy is a destination for online learning which connects people from around the world through knowledge.Udemy has many stock trading courses available suitable to beginners and to hedge fund managers alike. Udemy’s course aims to help investors trade stocks strategically and cover the basics as well as technical analysis and day trading stocks options.

Cost: Courses start from $17.99

Other helpful investment courses

The following courses are offerings from American websites, therefore some of the information is only relevant to US markets and the terminology may differ to what we use in Australia, for example in the US a managed fund is known as a mutual fund. However, you should still get a good understanding of the investment products available and how to get started with investing.

Morningstar: Online Investment Classroom

To access Morningstar’s Investment Classroom you need to sign up to their basic membership, which is free. By becoming a member you’ll also have access to the latest investment news and insights, but bear in mind their articles will be most relevant to the US market. The Morningstar Australia website does have information for investors just starting out, but it is not presented as an online course and the US site is easier to navigate.

Cost: Free

Investopedia Academy

Investopedia prides itself as a one-stop shop for all your investment knowledge, so it is not surprising that they offer over 35 online investment courses ranging in topics from Investing for Beginners to Advanced Options trading.

The Investing for Beginners course is US$199 which will provide you lifetime access to the course. Currently, the course has 78 lessons or modules with videos, interactive content and exercises. They also provide downloaded worksheets that you can use as a guide while you invest. The focus of the course is to help budding investors build a portfolio focused on creating long-term wealth.

Cost: Range from US$20- $447

If committing to an online course isn’t for you, don’t forget that you can get many of your investment questions answered at Canstar Investor Hub.

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