ME Bank outage leaves some customers locked out of online accounts on payday

Another payday, another banking outage. A bank that operates totally online is currently unable to provide mobile and internet banking services to some of its customers.

ME Bank told customers on Twitter mid-morning on Thursday that there were issues with its mobile app and internet banking. At 2.20pm AEDT the issues were still ongoing.

As a high number of employers typically do their payroll runs today, the outage means some customers have reported on social media that they’ve been unable to receive their wages or transfer money between accounts.

A similar problem was heavily criticised a fortnight ago when a major Commonwealth Bank outage – also on a Thursday – stalled salary payments for several days.

ME Bank, which is operated fully online and has no branches, said on its website at 1pm that some customers were finding it slow to login and transact.

“Our team is working hard to bring services back up and understand this is frustrating,” the bank said.

“Our contact centre has longer than usual wait times, however we’ll be updating this page as we know more.

“Again, we’re sorry for interrupting your day.”

ME Bank said the following services were still working, at the time of writing:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • ATMs

The bank said the following services were “unavailable for some customers”, at the time of writing:

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile app

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Image source: TK Kurikawa (Shutterstock)

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