Why You Should Insure Those Expensive Christmas Gifts

Don’t risk losing your brand new Fitbit, drone, or Nutribullet. Insure it under your contents policy! The most popular Christmas gifts of 2015.

Don’t risk losing your brand new Fitbit, drone, or Nutribullet. Insure it under your contents policy!

Now that we’re well into 2016, it’s time to think about adding some of your haul to your contents insurance. While you won’t need to include your $20 adult mindfulness colouring-in book, you should definitely think about adding your new $2,000 drone, with its attached GoPro and GPS tracker, to your policy.

You might not think it’s worth the effort, but every little bit adds up. You’d be surprised at how much stuff you have – and how much it could cost to replace it if it’s not insured!

How much did we spend on Christmas gifts in 2015?

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) reports that Aussies put $24.8 billion through the tills in November 2015 with early Christmas gift purchases. The ARA and Roy Morgan Research are currently crunching the numbers on how much we spent in total in the November-to-December-24 Christmas trading period. They expect the total to reach $46.8 billion.

As if Christmas wasn’t enough, we then spent an estimated $16.8 billion between Boxing Day and January 15, according to the ARA and Roy Morgan.

What we got for Christmas 2015

So what were the retail trends over Christmas 2015?


These were the “must-have” item of Christmas 2015. There is no doubt that we’re becoming more fitness-focussed as a nation, and anything that helps keep you accountable has to be a good thing. Onya, Aussies!

Cost: $200 plus.

Insure it: Include these in your contents insurance like you would your mobile phone, under the (usually optional) Portable Valuables cover. This is because they go everywhere you go, so you can’t insure them as being “at home” all the time.


Every tech I knew was drooling for a drone last year – and the stats show many of them had their wish come true. You could get a small, basic quadcopter very cheaply (say $30-$40), or you could get a feature-studded drone with a GoPro attached and GPS tracking (for more like $2,000 upwards).

Cost: $30-$40 range, or $2,000 and upwards range.

Insure it: Include these in your contents insurance.

Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone

Apple had a record-breaking holiday sales season, with more parents buying their kids iPads and iPhones than ever before. Some people even bought the Apple Watch for their significant other.

These two jackpots came with an additional windfall for Apple, as everyone hurried to install all the best apps onto their new devices. The App Store saw a new sales record for apps on Christmas Day alone, which was quickly demolished by their January 1 score of $144 million in apps.

Cost: An iPad for school costs $570-$1,100 (iPad Mini or iPad Air) or up to $1,700 (iPad Pro); $750-$830 for an iPhone 5S or $1,080-$1,230 for an iPhone 6S; $500-$14,000 for an Apple Watch.

Insure it: Include these in your contents insurance as mobile devices, under the (usually optional) Portable Valuables cover. This is because they go everywhere you go, so you can’t insure them as being “at home” all the time.


For the smoothest of fruit-and-veg smoothies, Aussies found it hard to go past the blender that won Canstar Blue’s coveted Most Satisfied Customers Award for blenders in 2014. One of these compact yet powerful blenders sold every 30 seconds during the Christmas season.

Apparently, spiralisers (those machines that turn your zucchini or carrot into one long, spiral Julienne string) were also a hit in the UK, but that craze doesn’t seem to have reached our shores yet.

Cost: $130-$200.

Insure it: Include these in your contents insurance along with your other kitchen appliances. When insuring appliances, it’s helpful to get fusion cover to cover a motor burn-out. Fusion cover is usually an optional extra for Home and Contents or Contents Only policies. Read your insurance policy’s PDS to find out if you’re covered.

Signature Burberry Scarf 2015 Edition

The fashionistas among us watched celebrities parading the Burberry in 2015 – such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Queen Latifah, and even One Direction’s Liam Payne, and most of us told our significant other. Apparently all those hints worked – this was an often-gifted item at Christmas.

Cost: $785 (Heritage Check pattern); $925 (Check and Dots 2015 edition); or $2,095 (Poncho Wrap) from Burberry Australia.

Insure it: Include this clothing item in your contents insurance.

Don’t forget to insure back-to-school devices

We’ve entered the era of BYOD education, so it’s vital that we insure our child’s newly-purchased laptop or tablet for school. After all, school bags get kicked around, dropped, stepped on… Who knows what could happen?

Other popular gifts of Christmas 2015 included Pandora charms from the new Disney series introduced just in time in late 2015. Old-school cameras for photography hobbyists, and GoPro cameras for outdoor adventurers, were also a hit. All of these items are pricey enough to be worth insuring.

What does contents insurance cost?

So how much would adding these items to your policy cost you? Not much at all.

Our 2015 star ratings report for Home and Contents Insurance showed the average Contents Only policy premiums are as follows:

  • TAS: $360.44
  • SA: $369.88
  • VIC: $391.70
  • WA: $434.94
  • QLD: $493.25
  • NSW: $533.33
  • Northern QLD: $930.91 (But prices are coming down!)

(Source: www.canstar.com.au Based on insurance premiums for $75,000 worth of contents in Contents Only policy.)

Obviously, it’s cheaper to insure your contents if you bundle them into a combined Home and Contents policy.

It’s worth thinking about. Make sure your latest gifts are covered.

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