Red Nose Day: An Overview

Doing something silly for a good cause is always appealing. That’s why donning a red nose for Sids and Kids on the last Friday in June is such a red-iculous yet worthwhile thing to do.

Red Nose Day is an iconic Australian cause-related fundraising event for Sids and Kids, the not-for-profit organisation dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, as well as supporting bereaved families. Red Nose Day is held annually on the last Friday of June.

What is SIDS?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is also known as “cot death” and it is the sudden unexplained and unexpected death of a child less than one year of age.

In 2013 there were 54 SIDS deaths in Australia and many more sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child, either through stillbirth or during the first month of life.

Sadly, for many of these deaths there is no known cause.

Sids and Kids

Sids and Kids was created to support families who had experienced the death of a baby from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Over the years its services have been broadened beyond SIDS to provide support services along with research into the causes and prevention of all sudden death of babies during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. They educate thousands of parents, carers and health professionals on how to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents.

The organisation is justifiably proud of its successful history in delivering a safe sleeping health promotion program for babies that has been largely responsible for an 80% reduction in sudden infant deaths in Australia. Since its inception in 1989 the campaign has reduced the incidence of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy by 80%, saving 8,480 babies’ lives.

In a snapshot, SIDS and Kids’ work includes:

  • Advocating nationally for and funding research into stillbirth and other areas of sudden and unexpected child death.
  • In conjunction with its National Scientific Advisory Group (NSAG), ensuring the ‘Sleep Safe, My Baby’ health promotion program is evidence-based and provides the most up-to-date message for parents, health professionals and carers of babies.
  • Providing bereavement support and counselling to families who have experienced stillbirth or the sudden and unexpected death of a child, regardless of the cause
  • Providing resources for the implementation of the national ‘Sleep Safe, My Baby’ health promotion program in every state and territory so that it is accessible to the community.
  • Maintaining ASK Online, the national library service providing information on research projects in a range of categories – a valuable source of information for the community and SIDS and Kids.

Sids and Kids Funding

Sids and Kids receives roughly 5% of its costs from the government. The rest is made up from donations, product purchases online and Red Nose Day which is the major national fundraiser each year.

What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day is the major fundraiser for Sids and Kids. Funds raised through Red Nose Day activities help to provide vital services and programs to the Australian community. Fundraising activities have contributed over $16.5 million to research and education programs to date.

By supporting Red Nose Day you are helping to find answers for parents by funding and supporting vital research into stillbirth, SIDS and safe sleeping practices. Through evidence-based community education SIDS and Kids are working to prevent these deaths and advocate for and support bereaved families.

From baby sleeping bags to Wiggles books, there is plenty to choose from and buy online at And if you’re looking for a gift, why not make it count and support the essential work done by SIDS and Kids? You’ll find there are many rewards when you put your money where your heart is. Every product sold and donation received helps to find answers and support families.

Stick on a Red Nose and get involved!

Sarah and David Fear’s son Oscar was stillborn on Father’s Day in 2014.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, but then it does and your whole world falls apart. We were able to spend some precious time with Oscar, cuddle him, kiss him, and tell him he was loved. We’re glad we got that.”

“The services provided to us by SIDS and Kids are invaluable, just having someone there to support you and tell you they’ll always be there was so important. At Oscar’s funeral we asked all our family and friends to donate to SIDS and Kids instead of buying flowers.”

Expect to see lots of people, cars and trucks wearing red noses on Friday the 24th June and even the in the week leading up to Red Nose Day. You’ll see an endless parade of celebrities getting in on the fun and wearing their red noses on TV and in personal appearances for the SIDS and Kids cause. You can even dress up your car or truck with a red nose for support on-the-go. Showing you care is easy and you can fund raise in a number of ways.

Here are some Red Nose ideas:

  • Sell Red Nose Day product at your workplace or in your community. Order product through the Online Store at
  • Set up an online fundraising page and ask family and friends to sponsor you.
  • Hold a fundraising event – it could be a morning tea, family fun day, trivia night or dress up party, options are endless!

The experienced Red Nose Day fundraising team will help you with any of your community fundraising efforts. Just go to the website to start the ball rolling!

If you can’t manage the organisation of an event with family, friends, schools, work or any other club you are involved with, show your support by purchasing red noses or any other Red Nose Day product from either the official website or retail partners. There are loads of retailers who sell red nose day products so watch out for them. Then wear your red nose with pride on Red Nose Day!

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