Would You Invest In Car Parking Space?

24 November 2017
Would you splash out on a slab of concrete? It may seem like a ridiculous idea to some, but more and more people are taking to this increasingly popular form of investment, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Parking a car anywhere is quite expensive nowadays –  a 12-square-metre car park in Kirribilli sold for $120,000 in June 2015. This may seem hard to comprehend when a majority of parking spaces are free, but many daring investors are proving that car parking spaces can definitely be a viable investment, offering both capital gains and rental return!

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Where are car spaces proving to be hot property?

The immediate assumption might be inner-city areas, and that assumption isn’t wrong; CBD areas are among the hardest places to find a park, so investing in a parking space there makes for a smart move. However there are other areas that make for a sound investment; spots next to major train or bus stations can be popular with commuters, and parking spaces in wealthier suburbs will generally come with a price tag appropriate for the area.

State Suburb (Postcode) Price Range/Month (Rent)
QLD Brisbane City (4000) $315-500
Spring Hill (4000) $220-350
NSW Sydney (2000) $350-520
The Rocks (2000) $800-850
Woolloomooloo (2011) $350
Neutral Bay (2089) $245
North Sydney (2060) $200-600
VIC Melbourne (3000) $265-350
Docklands (3008) $200-260
West Melbourne (3003) $200-225
Southbank (3006) $190-200
East Melbourne (3002) $280-290

How many car spaces are for sale?

It could be more than you think! A quick search on findacarpark.com.au shows, at time of writing, three carparks for sale in the 4000 Brisbane postcode (with prices ranging from $43,000- $48,000), 15 for sale in NSW postcodes (with prices ranging from $39,000 in Campertown to $400,000 for a pair in Bond St, Sydney). Melbourne lists more than thirty carparks for sale, from $12,000 in St Kilda to $65,000 in South Yarra.

The average person is probably best off buying a single parking space; someone may be selling a parking space attached to their property, or a single space in a parking complex may be up for sale. Sometimes double spaces will be on offer for a slightly discounted price; if you’re interested and you’ve got the cash (or the capacity to take out a loan), these will also make for a sound personal investment, and higher weekly or fortnightly returns.

What do they sell for?

As mentioned above, most single parking spaces will cost you upwards of $30,000, and prices will vary based on location and level of security. Single car spaces in Melbourne’s CBD were fetching up to $98,000 earlier in 2015, and the record sale price for a car space in Sydney’s CBD is $250,000, as opposed to the average Sydney price of $73,000.

It’s certainly an asset class with a difference!

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