NRMA: Finding the right balance between price and features

1 February 2016
This year, for the first time, Canstar has researched and rated 11 providers of comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Australia. Canstar is pleased to congratulate NRMA  for achieving a state award  for outstanding value motorcycle insurance in NSW.

NRMA Insurance was established in 1925 by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association, in order to provide motorcycle insurance to members in NSW and the ACT. In 1995, they added Queensland to the mix as well.

NRMA has achieved this year’s state award for Outstanding Value Motorcycle Insurance in NSW; Canstar caught up with an NRMA spokesperson for a quick Q&A on popular motorcycle insurance and common types of claims.

 Q: NRMA offers a comprehensive range of general insurances. Do the demographics of motorcycle riders differ greatly from, say, car insurance policy holders?

A: Our data shows that people under the age of 55 years old are more likely to hold Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance than Comprehensive Car Insurance. This is also the same when looking at people under the age of 21.

Q: In terms of comprehensive insurance, what are some of the most common types of claim?

A: The most common type of claims we receive are for collisions, theft and damage whilst parked.


Q: Is there an unusual claim that you can share with us?

A: Our customer was riding with a group of his friends when one of the other parties stopped to help an echidna off the road. All parties stopped in time however, our customer failed to stop and collided with all parties involved.

Q: Your Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Insurance is interesting. What types of makes and models are commonly covered?

A: The most common makes and models commonly covered by our Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Insurance are:

  • Earlier model Indian Motorcycles – For example Indian Scout, Indian Chief models
  • BSA Motorcycles – For example M20 models
  • Earlier model Harley Davidson’s – For example WLA models
  • Earlier model Triumph’s – For example Speed Twin, Bonneville, and Thunderbird models
  • Earlier model BMW’s – For example R26 and R27 models

Q: What are some questions that a motorcyclist should ask an insurer before choosing a policy?

A: Some questions that a motorcyclist should ask when choosing an insurance policy are:

  • Do I have the choice of agreed value?
  • Can I get a new replacement motorcycle if my motorcycle is written off in the first 2 years?
  • Are my modifications, options and accessories covered?
  • Is anyone who rides my motorcycle covered?
  • If I have an at-fault accident, am I covered for damage to my motorcycle along with damage to someone else’s property?

Canstar congratulates NRMA on its ratings achivement!

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