Award-Winning Health Insurers – 2012

Outstanding Value Health Insurance Providers - 2012A regular review of your health insurance policy is recommended to ensure you’re still getting the best value for money. This is not easy, as it means comparing what is in the market place and here’s where confusion can kill the whole exercise.

We make comparison straightforward by demystifying the ever-changing world of private health insurance. Each year we research health insurance in Australia, and award star ratings – identifying products and insurers who offer outstanding value in eight common profiles.

This year’s health insurance comparison is another triumph for the health insurance giants HCF, Bupa and Medibank Private.

They have retained their status as providing overall Outstanding Value Health Insurance across Australia for 2012.

Private Health Insurance – State Award Winners, 2012

State Hospital Extras Packages
Northern Territory HCF Medibank Private Medibank Private
New South Wales Bupa Medibank Private Bupa
Victoria Mildura District Hospital Fund Bupa Bupa
Queensland HCF Medibank Private Bupa
South Australia HCF Bupa Bupa
Western Australia HCF Medibank Private Bupa
Tasmania HCF Medibank Private Bupa

If you would like to see the full Canstar report you can find it in our detailed Health Insurance Star Ratings document, and if you’re interested you can see our detailed methodology about how we rate companies here.

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