Risky jobs and activities you cannot get life insurance for

8 June 2016
What is an “occupational hazard” and how will it affect your life insurance?

There are some occupations, activities and hobbies that insurers put on the too-risky list. These are many and varied and should be checked in the exclusions section of the product disclosure statement if you are unsure of where you stand.


Risky or dangerous jobs likely to set off alarm bells would include:

  • Working at heights
  • Working with explosives/dangerous chemicals
  • Working underground
  • Working with firearms
  • Working in the armed forces
  • Working as, say, a journalist or news cameraman in a war zone

risky lifestyles not covered by life insurance

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Lifestyle activities which are insurance no-nos include:

  • Participating in war, terrorism, riots, strikes, insurrection, coups, criminal activities
  • Suicide
  • Self-inflicted alcohol and non-prescription drugs habit
  • Being H.I.V. positive

risky occupations

Sports, hobbies and other pastimes which raise concern include:

  • Motor sport
  • Hunting, racing, polo
  • Hang gliding, bungee jumping
  • Mountaineering, rock climbing
  • Unqualified scuba diving without an instructor
  • Pro Sports

It’s important to remember that dangerous recreational sports and hobbies are a problem if they are participated in on a regular basis. It’s doubtful your insurer will worry about an isolated incident, like a hang gliding gift you received for your birthday. If in doubt, simply talk to your insurer.

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