How much will income protection cost you through an adviser?

15 September 2014
Income protection is one of the most important personal insurances to have. After all, your income is your source of cash and without it, most of us would be in serious trouble. So how much should you expect to pay for an income protection policy? While to a certain extent the amount of cover you insure for will determine price, the type of job you do (along with whether you are a male or female) will also be a big part of it.

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Based on the policies Canstar assess, we have estimated that – assuming that you are a 30 year-old non-smoker wanting income protection cover of $4,000 per month, with a 30 day wait and a benefit period of two years – you could expect to pay the following annual premiums for income protection insurance that you obtained through a financial adviser (Advised Income Protection):

Occupation Male Female



Baggage Handler



Air traffic controller



Building Foreman / Supervisor – licensed






Earthmoving Equipment Driver / Operator









Child Care Worker






Registered Nurse






Restaurant manager



Chef – qualified



Kitchen Hand



Mining – Engineer – above ground



Mining – underground – Skilled Tradesperson – No explosives



Supermarket Manager – full time



Shop Assistant – Supermarket



The above quotes are based on a monthly income protection benefit of $4,000, so obviously the amount for which you insure will affect the cost. And of course it’s crucial to consider the income protection policy inclusions: not all policies are created equal!  You can compare Advised income protection policies here.

This is different to income protection that you can buy directly from the provider.

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