Wise-Owl: A specialised part of the market

7 March 2016
There’s no doubt that fintech has reached critical mass gloabally – and most probably in Australia in the near future. According to independent research firm wise-owl.com, successful businesses are those that have created enduring products and established symbiotic relationships.

Whether they are SMSF Trustees, stock traders or simply investors that prefer to make their own decisions, 42% of Australians (according to a recent Investment Trends report), identify as self-directed investors. This is a market that independent research firm Wise Owl is successfully tapping in to with its specialised and beautifully-presented research.

Canstar caught up with  Senior Equity Analyst Simon Herrmann and Head of Research Tim Morris to answer a few questions.

Q: What is the benefit for self-directed investors in using Wise-owl? Why Wise-owl rather than one of your competitors?

Simon: Wise-owl offers high-quality and independent investment advice primarily designed for the ‘DIY’ investor. Our approach is based on a proven strategy that was designed in 2001 and consistently improved to date. Wise-owl is specialised in small and mid-capitalisation companies but also offers advice on ASX200 blue-chip companies, Initial Public Offerings (‘IPOs’) and International Equities.  Our stock recommendations are easy-to-read and actionable. Subscribers have access to a variety of model portfolios, each based on different strategies, while all reports are optionally distributed via SMS & Email.

Q: You are competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace. What are your competitive advantages?  

Simon: They include:

  • Specialised in small mid equities: Wise-owl’s expertise is small and mid-capitalisation companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
  • Dedicated advisor: Each subscriber gets assigned a dedicated advisor who can be contacted Monday to Friday via phone, email or live chat during office hours (8:30am-5pm). The advisor can provide general advice on stocks as well as technical, subscription and product related advice.
  • Quality rather than quantity: Each recommendation is based on thorough research and we focus on quality rather than quantity. We only release recommendations if we consider it to be beneficial to our subscribers
  • Fully responsive and beautifully designed website: Our website, emails and SMS work on all common devices and are adopted to the latest technologies. All designs are full responsive.
  • Validation: Our research is featured on major media outlets and partner websites
  • Price: Two years for Wise-owl PRO is available at $599 (~$300 per year).
  • No unsolicited sales calls

Q: Wise-owl has longevity; do you have any advice for would-be fintech start ups?

Tim: Our business operates in a specialised part of the market which conventional sources of investment intelligence – being the larger brokers, investment banks and online brokers – find difficult to service profitably and efficiently. As a result, these larger market participants often partner with us to compliment their core area’s of expertise.

Successful businesses have created enduring products and established symbiotic relationships.

Q: What has the journey been like for you personally?

Tim: In this industry, we are exposed to a lot of corporate executives and fledging entrepeneurs. As a result -“the opportunity of a life time” seems to beckon every week. The surprising challenge is having the business processes in place to objectively prioritise and execute those most likely to have a material impact for our company and its audience.


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