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Content Producer · 29 September 2021
If you are new to investing or a do-it-yourself investor, you may be interested in Wise-Owl and the service they provide.

What is Wise-Owl and how does it work?

Wise-Owl is an investment company that also provides commentary on their existing portfolio and the strategy that they execute. Wise-Owl specialises in small and mid-capitalisation companies but also offer advice on ASX200 blue-chip companies, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and International Equities. They don’t share ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ recommendations, instead they share their research and commentary with their readers who can decide to co-invest in the companies Wise-Owl are invested in directly via their stockbroker or trading platform.

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What are the benefits of using Wise-Owl?

Wise-owl offers high-quality and independent investment advice primarily designed for the self-directed investor. Their approach is based on a proven strategy that was designed in 2001 and consistently improved. Their stock recommendations are easy-to-read and actionable. Subscribers also have access to their selling strategies for each individual company, and all reports are available on their website.

How much does it cost to use Wise-Owl?

Wise-Owl does not charge any fees for their research and commentary. However, part of their business is helping their portfolio companies get investor attention, and they do charge a fee for this service. Although, the fee is often settled in company shares so they can increase their position in each of their investments.

How does Wise-Owl select their investments?

Wise-Owl relies on its industry network to prescreen investment opportunities and they have trusted advisors and sector experts to assess investments. Wise-Owl also has an in-house team of analysts who conduct due diligence and the potential of a new small-cap investment using a 20-point checklist. They also aim to hold an investment for at least 12 months.

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