The US Stocks Aussies Traded in April

11 May 2021

The USA is home to the largest share market in the world, with a diverse range of companies and listed funds to invest in. Wall Street opens investors up to global tech companies, banks and retailers, such as Apple, JPMorgan and Amazon. So, it’s no wonder many Australian investors are choosing to invest in US stocks.

Stake have shared the stocks and ETFs that Aussie investors trading on their platform. Here’s what we learned in April.

Top 5 Most Traded Stocks on Stake in April

  1. Tesla (TSLA)
  2. Microvision (MVIS)
  3. Apple (AAPL)
  4. Nio (NIO)
  5. Coinbase (COIN)

Coinbase: A popular new listing

Coinbase made its stock market debut  in April and also became one of the most traded stocks on Stake. While it may not be the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, it is often the first choice for buying into the crypto space for those new to the market. The cryptocurrency platform has had 117% quarter over quarter customer growth which saw Coinbase’s 56m users contribute US$1.8b in Q1 revenue.

With close to US$10m traded in Coinbase on Stake globally, it easily became the biggest listing in the platform’s history. Driven by the crypto rally, and impressive growth figures, investors poured into the stock which is down 10% from its listing price.

Coinbase continued the trend of direct listings over a traditional IPO.

YouTube vs. Netflix

YouTube has almost overtaken Netflix in revenue for the first time in Q4 2020. Alphabet’s (YouTube and Google’s parent company) latest earnings release reported the video site generated US$6b in the final quarter of last year. By the end of 2021, the revenue of the two services is expected to cross US$30b each. For reference, Google acquired YouTube for just over US$1.5b in 2006. Today, 1 billion hours of YouTube is watched daily as traditional TV continues to suffer falling viewership numbers.

5 Most Traded ETFs on Stake in April

  1. Vanguard (VOO)
  2. ARK Innovation (ARKK)
  3. Direxion 3x Semiconductor Bull (SOXL)
  4. BoM FANG 3x Leveraged Long (FNGU)
  5. ARK Genomics Revolution (ARKG)

Not sure what an ETF is? Read more about ETFs here.

Feeling Lumber

Hottest thing in the market right now might just be US lumber. The processed bits of wood sitting on hardware store shelves as 2-by-4s have seen prices skyrocket. Prices are up 230% since the start of 2020 and 60% in 2021 as a construction boom has seen demand skyrocket. Interestingly, US timber, untreated wood, has remained relatively stable in price. Saw mills are raking in the profits as their revenues soar but costs have settled.

Considering investing overseas?

Deciding on any product to invest in should not be taken lightly. You should always consider the risks involved, carefully read the disclosure documents (FSG, PDS etc) and conduct your own research. For more on the risks and benefits of investing overseas, check out this article.

About Matt Leibowitz 

Matt launched Stake after returning to Australia from the US, and finding it difficult to continue trading US shares. Having run global trading teams in the most sophisticated financial markets using the most advanced technologies, Matt set out to open up the world’s biggest markets to the rest of the globe.

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Matt launched US stock market investment portal Stake after returning to Australia from the US, and finding it difficult to continue trading US shares. Matt set out to open up the world’s biggest markets to the rest of the globe.

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