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24 May 2021
With the cryptocurrency market gaining a lot of traction in the last six months, coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin have been the talk of the town. These are the larger scale coins with huge market capitalisation. However, there are in fact thousands of coins on the market that can be bought, sold and traded.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are obvious choices for beginner investors, others are looking to add cheaper alternatives with more growth potential to their portfolio. Even with the crypto industry now well established, there are a number of ‘hidden gems’ available for pennies on the dollar which have just as much or more growth potential than the larger scale coins. Here’s our guide to the top penny cryptocurrencies of 2021.

What are altcoins?

Altcoins are essentially cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is unique because it was the first ever cryptocurrency and remains the largest of its kind in the world. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, there has been a wave of crypto alternatives and blockchain-based projects flooding the market to cash in on the back of its success.

The quality of these altcoins varies significantly, however, there are some very worthy altcoins with real-world use cases. For instance, Ethereum is the largest altcoin in the world as it has pioneered the concept of a blockchain smart contract platform. Some argue that Ethereum is no longer an altcoin due to its exponential growth in recent months. Altcoins have gained a lot of traction in the past six months, and at times they have outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in a period colloquially referred to as ‘alt season.’

So, what are penny cryptocurrencies?

Penny cryptocurrencies are altcoins that you can buy for less than a $1. They are similar to penny stocks as they are typically cheap to buy and can be quite volatile. However, penny cryptocurrencies have potential to make strong gains.

Where can you buy cryptocurrencies?

Australian Cryptocurrency Exchanges September 2021

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go-to-site AUD Yes 0.6% 257+ 2017

Why invest in penny cryptocurrency?

There are a number of reasons you may want to invest in penny cryptocurrencies. Other than the fact that they are cheap, there is a chance that if blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, penny cryptocurrencies could rise in value and make strong gains. Also, having a diversified portfolio is often touted as the key to a balanced and healthy investment portfolio. It is the same when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Top cryptocurrencies under $1 to watch in 2021

With over 4,000 active cryptocurrencies at the time of writing, it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, and which ones are going to earn you the best ROI. Below we’ve listed four exciting cryptocurrency projects under $1 to watch in 2021.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) was initially released in 2014, so it has been around a long time compared to a lot of other cryptocurrencies. It is an open-source blockchain network that allows money to be moved and stored. With large partnerships with companies like IBM and Franklin Templeton, Stellar has been able to stand the test of time i.e. three bear markets. XLM was recently added to Grayscale’s massive crypto trust fund. In just one day in April 2021, the firm added $1 billion more to its books. In 2018, one of the world biggest payments gateways, Stripe, announced plans to replace Bitcoin with XLM on it’s network.

ChilliZ (CHZ)

ChiliZ enjoyed the upward pull of the market as part of the fan token frenzy. Chiliz is essentially a digital currency for sports and entertainment and has introduced an innovative way for fans to interact with their favorite sports teams. Still one of the most under-discussed cryptocurrencies in the industry, ChiliZ fan tokens have become popular with football teams in Europe and other large sporting competitions around the world. Italian football giants Juvuents and AC Milan both have their own fan tokens that are available for purchase. Fan tokens give supporters of clubs and teams a tokenized share of influence on club decisions. For instance, token holders can vote on what uniform the team wears when they take the field. The number of sporting teams adopting Chiliz and it’s engagement platform,, is continuously growing.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Also on the IBM partner list in addition to Stellar is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). The team at Hedera works with IBM to help add interoperability for corporate blockchain networks that specifically seek the openness of public networks but retain the anonymity of permissioned networks. IBM actually joined the Hedera Governing Council for Hedera Hashgraph in 2019 because of how relevant the platform was even then. Ever since, according to IBM, Hedera has consistently delivered important technologies that sustain and improve capabilities in the corporate blockchain space. This is a huge compliment coming from one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Vechain (VET)

Vechain is a blockchain-based supply chain platform which aims to create an ecosystem which solves common issues associated with supply chain management. The idea is to improve the efficiency and affordability of supply chains. Vechain is disrupting traditional supply chain management models. It’s model appeals to businesses looking to improve their supply chain process whilst also giving clients more control. In terms of real-world utilisation of blockchain technology, Vechain is a market leader. Vecahin partners with hundreds of well-known Fortune 500 companies such as H&M and BMW China.

What makes these altcoin stand out?

One thing all these crypto’s have in common is that they have partnerships with some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. These brand-name partnerships set them apart from the other thousands of cryptocurrencies, as it shows that these real-world companies understand and believe in the technology being developed.

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