Ten Small Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs Running Their Own Show

30 November 2018

Co-author Tamika Seeto

Starting a small business? Or perhaps you already have one in the works and are looking for some advice on how to step things up a notch.

It’s no secret that Australians love their podcasts. The medium grew by 21% in Australia between 2017 and 2018 with shows like The Teacher’s Pet and Serial proving popular. And it’s not just true crime we’re plugging into – there are a plethora of podcasts dedicated to helping small business owners start and grow their businesses.

We’ve rounded up 10 small business podcasts from Australia and around the world that cover a range of different industries and offer audio gold in spades for those in search of tips and tricks for growing a small business.

Hosted by online entrepreneurs and married couple Jill and Josh Stanton, this podcast aims to steer away from pressuring listeners to ‘find their passion and turn it into profit’ and instead focuses on helping their audience identify the valuable and profitable skills they use in their nine-to-five jobs and using these to create an online business.

What we like about it: The podcast offers business advice from a more holistic perspective. Tips on SEO (search engine optimisation) and marketing are given alongside advice like ‘how to stay healthy while running an online business’ and ‘how to talk to your business partner’

Tailored towards aspiring creative entrepreneurs, American-based The Fizzle Show aims to equip its listeners with business essentials, productivity, marketing tips, self-employment advice, work-life balance hacks and information on modern online business requirements.

What we like about it: It provides useful advice, opinions and ideas, that we think is relatable and easy to listen to. The three hosts give you the impression that they really just want to help you succeed in your business and their honesty is refreshing.

A personal favourite of Canstar editor Nina Tovey, this podcast sees Australian TV and radio personality Osher Günsberg sit down with noteworthy figures, from sports stars and photographers, to authors and CEOs. While this isn’t a podcast made exclusively for small businesses, Günsberg does occasionally interview small business owners whose interesting entrepreneurial insights make the podcast worth tuning into.  

What we like about it: Günsberg talks genuinely with guests about their lives, their successes, their struggles and how they came to be where they are today. You almost feel like you’re listening in on a private conversation between Günsberg and his guests because they aren’t afraid to speak openly, warts and all.

This American-based podcast focuses on helping businesses take their social media game to the next level. Hosted by Mike Stelzner, founder of popular social media website Social Media Examiner, the weekly podcast tackles a different social media topic each week and brings on various social media influencers and experts to share their insights.

What we like about it: The podcast looks at how businesses can create impactful content as well as how the social media landscape is changing. Episodes range from ‘How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories’ to ‘How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing’.  

One aimed at the ladies in the room, the Mamamia network podcast sees Australian radio presenter Rachel Corbett chat to some of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs to gain insight into how they built, maintain and grow their businesses.

What we like about it: Corbett sits down with the women behind some of Australia’s most well-known businesses like Boost Juice, MECCA and Sweaty Betty PR. The conversations between Corbett and guests are engaging and entertaining.

Produced in the Sunshine Coast, this podcast documents the achievements of tradespeople experiencing success in the small business world, as well as giving valuable tips to listeners on topics like marketing, sales, finance, customer services, business planning, branding and more.

What we like about it: Despite having a unique target audience, the podcast offers a range of varied, interesting and helpful episodes like ‘DIY SEO’ and ‘How to get clients to pay you’ that could well prove useful for all listeners, not just tradies.

Created by podcast veteran Alex Blumberg – previously the executive producer of This American Life and co-creator of Planet Money – StartUp is a narrative driven podcast that initially follows Blumberg on his journey to create a podcast business (meta, we know). We hear him botch his pitch to a Silicon Valley billionaire, struggle to settle on a business name, raise funds, find investors, and finally create a new show.

What we like about it: Despite being a highly experienced radio producer, Blumberg lets us hear his struggles as well as his successes. He takes us into the boardrooms of major companies like Facebook and DropBox as well as into his home where we hear everyday conversations with his wife (the first episode sees her criticise Blumberg’s choice of business attire – sneakers). The effect is an open, sincere and honest show.  

8. Wowee!

Another one for the creatives out there, this Melbourne-based podcast features interviews with local designers, artists and musicians about their creative process, inspiration, successes and struggles. Hosted by textile designer Esther Sandler and illustration-based designer Penny Min Ferguson, the podcast aims to get to know the person behind the talent, touching on their day-to-day life, family history, personal struggles and life philosophies.

What we like about it: The main thing that sets this podcast apart is its positivity. The hosts present with energy and enthusiasm and are genuinely interested in and supportive of their guests. The result is a relatable, insightful and fun podcast that makes you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a chat among friends.

This weekly, Melbourne-based podcast is one of the most listened-to marketing podcasts in the world and frequently comes in at #1 in the iTunes marketing charts. Host Tim Reid, an ex-marketer for brands like Gillette and Dulux, encourages small businesses to grow by implementing big business marketing techniques.

What we like about it: Reid seems to really get small business and alongside providing practical marketing tips and sitting down with successful small business owners and marketing professionals, he also offers useful answers to listener questions.  

One part hospitality, one part entrepreneurship. Host James Henderson, a Brisbane-based economist and hospitality professional, explores the world of hospitality-focused entrepreneurs. He goes behind the bar, across the counter and out the back to chat with some front-runners in the ‘hospopreneurial’ world. He covers topics such as food manufacturing, packaging, branding and industry insights.

What we like about it: It’s a well put together podcast led by a great line of questioning from the host that dives into not just what his guests are doing or how they’re succeeding, but also aims to find out why they do what they do.

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