Stressed About Tax? Ask For Tax Help

30 July 2014

466089501Having difficulty completing your tax return? Putting it off entirely for fear of the forms? Well if you earn around $50,000 or less in the last financial year you?re in luck, because you may be able to apply for the Tax Help service.

Tax Help is a free and confidential service created to help those struggling with their own tax returns. It?s extremely beneficial for those who have simple tax affairs but have difficulty completing the return on their own. Being free, it?s also considerably cheaper than an accountant.

It?s staffed completely by volunteers, who are trained, accredited, and supported by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO enquiries service can only provide people with advice on specific aspects of their tax affairs; whereas Tax Help will actually help you do your tax return.

However you should check that your tax affairs are relatively simple before you apply for Tax Help, as Tax Help volunteers cannot help you with complex tax returns. They also can?t help with business tax returns, partnership and trust matters, capital gains tax, rental properties, or amendments.

Some other things that render you ineligible for Tax Help include: working as a contractor, running a business (including being a sole trader), owning a rental property, and receiving royalties. The full list of things that exclude you from being eligible for Tax Help can be found here.

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