Travel money card tips & traps

17 August 2015
Half the fun of tripping around the world is the planning beforehand. Sure, it?s costly to do the things that you want but by using your money wisely it?s going to stretch further. The key is being familiar with what your travel money card does and doesn?t do.

Budget your trip

It?s the obvious place to start! Cost out every single item so that you don?t return home with a massive financial hangover. By getting your estimating spot on, you?ll also save on reloading fees with your travel money card and hopefully minimise any unused currencies you have to convert when you get home.

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Use good ol? fashioned cash

While travel money cards are a great alternative to carrying around wads of cash, there?s no substitute for cold, hard cash in many circumstances. For instance, having an espresso at a coffee bar in Rome or tipping a concierge in Chicago are examples of when you really do need to use cash.

It?s less costly to make one larger cash withdrawal at an ATM than two smaller ones. When travelling with cash, however, exercise caution and know exactly how much you have on you at all times. It?s easy to lose track of money when you?re using a foreign currency.

Pack two cards instead of one

Most travel money cards come in pairs – one for you and one for your partner, or one for your wallet and one for safekeeping at the hotel. Either way, it?s reassuring to have a backup, should your card be lost or stolen. If the worst does happen, you can cancel the missing card immediately and just use the second card.

It can also be handy to split expenses into categories and assign a card to each. For example, keep one card as a “shopping” card and the other for stock standard travel expenses such as accommodation, travel bookings, prepaid tickets etc.


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