7 Christmas gift ideas for your ageing parents

Wondering what to get the ageing parents or godparents who swear they have everything they need? Here are some uniquely practical gifts your ageing parents might find helpful in their daily life.

1. Loc8tor lost key finder device

Your folks don’t need to have dementia to have trouble finding where they’ve left things. This is a relaly handy gift for your kids, and potentially you, too!

The Loc8tor is an amazing little device that lets you designate a spot in the house as the “safe zone” for where your keys will always live. Anytime you put your keys in an unexpected spot – like the kitchen bench, or maybe even the fridge – the Loc8tor will remind you not to do that because you’ll lose the keys there!

The Loc8tor comes in different types, from finding your keys, phone or wallet in the house, to finding your car in the giant shopping centre carpark using the map on your mobile phone.

2. The Garden Helper

Do your folks love to garden? Or maybe they used to love getting out in the garden before their knees started giving them trouble… But we know that time spent in the sunshine doing something relaxing is really good for your overall health and wellbeing.

One possible solution may be the Gardening Helper – a heavy duty kneeling mat padded with Comfort Foam. The best part is that they are fitted with EZ-Grip Handles to help you get up again after you’ve knelt down!

3. “Made in 1965: All Original Parts” T-shirt

This T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Made in 1965: All Original Parts” is one that dads just love. You can customise one for your Dad online through “DIY to order” sites like Zazzle or CafePress.

4. Kindle or other e-reader device

The Amazon Kindle is a great gift for older folks who don’t have the hand strength to hold up a heavy book for a long time anymore. You can preload the Kindle with a bunch of the books you know they like, or show them how to search for books using the Kindle.

If your folks are struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s, studies show that reading books can be a very soothing treatment for them.

5. “You are braver than you believe” bracelet

I came across this idea while searching for gift ideas for breast cancer survivors, but every woman needs a reminder of her strengths when she’s having a tough day – or a tough year. You can get a bracelet engraved with “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” for $30 from Amazon. Or you can customise your own version at your local jeweller for a reasonable price.

6. Homemade gift vouchers

There are so many things you can do to help your folks out, from helping them program their TiVo to helping them move a couch to a different room. If your parents no longer drive for themselves, you could run them to the shops or a doctor’s appointment. They might get cheaper public transport and taxi fares if they have a Seniors Card, but I’m told there’s something priceless about being driven around by the child you taught to drive.

7. Donation to their favourite charity

Most charities will send you a gift card when you make a donation as a gift. So you can even write a heartfelt message thanking your folks for all they’ve done during your life to provide for you and how they have inspired you to provide for someone else through this donation.

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