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7 October 2015

The advice of older loved ones can be invaluable for younger people. When I was engaged, I asked my Gran and my Grandma what were the most important life lessons they had learned in their marriages. They spoke about patience and forgiving your loved ones a hundred times a day. They spoke about building loving routines into your day, like telling someone “I love you” whenever they leave the house or go to bed for the night. I’ve always been glad I took the time to ask them this question, and wait for the answer.

If you’re an older person, October presents an amazing opportunity for you to share your advice with the world, with the launch of the Wisdom Project.

The Wisdom Project: Collecting Old Age wisdom to find gold advice

October 1st was the 25th International Day of Older Persons, so we are urging everyone to join the Wisdom Project and pass on your pearls of wisdom to the next generation. You never know how you could change a younger person’s life.

The idea is to record videos of older Australians sharing the advice they would give to their younger selves. These videos get uploaded to the website to share with the rest of Australia.

“Coming together and sharing stories is what it’s all about,” says Victoria Kelly, CEO of project co-founder Provider Assist. “In our aged care work, we are privileged to be constantly reminded of the incredible amount of wisdom and life experience that older Australians have. Using modern technology is a great way to bridge generational gaps and bring older and younger people closer together.”

How to get involved

It’s easy to get involved in the project. You can record a short video of 2 minutes or less, of yourself or an older person you love giving their best advice to their younger self. Then upload it on the project’s website.

If you’re a younger person who wants to support the project, you can spread the word by tweeting about #IDOP2015 or Facebooking about #TheWisdomProject, and sharing the video of an older person you love.

Pearls of wisdom harvested so far

Watch this moving video by the Geelong residents who were the first to share their wisdom as part of the project.

Some of their heart-warming advice to their younger selves included:

  • Life is for sharing and caring. Do not take love for granted.
  • Learn from your mistakes, or you will make them over and over again until you do learn.
  • When you’re down, pick yourself up again and keep on going.
  • Find something you do that you’re proud of.
  • Your integrity is important.
  • If you want to feel stronger and better, you will persist.

The Wisdom Project is an initiative of Provider Assist, one of Australia’s providers of income management solutions for the aged care industry, and Seed Education, the registered training organisation behind the aged care Personal Care Mastery program.

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