Cats Moving into the Gaming World

15 July 2015
Have you ever caught your cat playing with your iPad? You might’ve shrugged it off as nothing, but research from RMIT is suggesting that our feline friends like to play on our tablets just as much as we do.

Pets playing with iPads

A three-year study concerning the day-to-day gaming activities of Aussies revealed that some household cats had been joining in on their owners gaming, and it turned out to be a widespread phenomenon.

According to RMIT University’s professor Larissa Hjorth, households that treated their pets as equal members of the family were more likely to experience this, saying that “it seems in some homes that cats are seen as equal members of the family and the relationship between humans and their animals now extends to play.”

“We are all aware that some families have animals that are part of the family but when we began our research, we didn’t think the interaction between the humans and animals would extend to things like play and gaming,” she said.


In light of this information, we found five cat-friendly apps that you could put on your tablet if you were so inclined. These are all apps found in Apple’s App Store, and may not be available on non-Apple devices.

More of a relaxation tool than a game, this app is based on touching the screen wherever you like, and watching the fish in the pond react; perfect for a cat!

Fly Smasher

Fly appears on screen; cat gets to smack said fly. It’s simple and engaging fun for your cat.

Cat with tablet

This app mimics the classic cat favourite that is the laser pointer. If your cat manages to catch the laser, it pops and a new one appears; this can go on for as long as you watch.

This app presents itself as a small keyboard on your iPad, but the surprise is that when pressed, the keys make pitch-appropriate cat noises rather than the piano notes you were probably expecting. Not only will it be engaging for your cat, but it might come in handy for luring your cat out if it’s hiding somewhere!

If you think your cat might have some artistic leanings, then this is the app you can use to find out; it lets your cat chase an on-screen mouse, but paint splatters appear wherever your cat taps, potentially creating a masterpiece!

Of course, your cat may well be happy to play any iPad games of your choice, too. “It’s a case of cats watching their family members and noticing when the games are about to start and wanting to join in,” said Professor Hjorth.

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