HSBC Now Has Apple Pay

HSBC Bank Australia customers can now enjoy the benefits of mobile payments, with the addition of Apple Pay™ to their list of services.

hsbc now has apple pay

The bank’s Visa and Mastercard credit cards can now be linked to the digital wallet in Apple devices such as the iPhone or Apple Watch, to make it easy for customers to tap and pay.

Contactless purchases such as those made using Apple Pay are accepted anywhere that has Tap ‘n’ Go facilities, making it easier for busy consumers to make a quick purchase.

For customers worried about the security risks of using their smartphone to make payment from their HSBC accounts, Apple Pay assures customers it is exceptionally secure.

Customers’ card numbers will not be stored on their Apple device or servers when they add their HSBC credit card information.

Customers will instead be assigned a unique device account number that is encrypted and kept in the secure element on their Apple device.

As a further assurance, a one-time-only number will be used to authorise each transaction using Apple Pay, and a strong security code will validate each transaction, rather than using the 3-digit security code on the back of an HSBC credit card.

There is no news yet from HSBC as to whether they plan to add Android Pay or Samsung Pay to their services for those customers who do not own an Apple device.

HSBC has now joined the ranks of a few financial institutions in Australia who have adopted Apple Pay, including ANZ, American Express (AMEX), ING Direct, and Macquarie Bank.

Apple Pay providers in Australia

HSBC joins the 49 other banks and card issuers in Australia that currently provide Apple Pay to customers:

  1. American Express
  2. ANZ (American Express credit cards, Mastercard credit cards, Visa credit and debit cards)
  3. Australian Unity
  4. Bank Australia
  5. Bank of Sydney
  6. Beyond Bank Australia
  7. Big Sky Building Society
  8. Border Bank
  9. CAPE Credit Union
  10. Catalyst Money
  11. Central Coast Credit Union
  12. Central Murray Credit Union
  13. Central West Credit Union
  14. Community Alliance Credit Union
  15. Community First Credit Union
  16. Credit Union SA
  17. CUA
  18. Defence Bank
  19. Firefighters Mutual Bank
  20. First Option Credit Union
  21. Goldfields Money
  22. Goulburn Murray Credit Union
  23. Holiday Coast Credit Union
  24. Horizon Credit Union
  25. HSBC (Mastercard and Visa credit cards)
  26. ING Direct
  27. Intech Credit Union
  28. Laboratories Credit Union
  29. Lombard Finance
  30. Macquarie
  31. MyState Bank
  32. Nexus Mutual
  33. Northern Beaches Credit Union
  34. Northern Inland Credit Union
  35. Once Credit
  36. P&N Bank
  37. People’s Choice Credit Union
  38. Police Bank
  39. QT Mutual Bank
  40. Select Encompass Credit Union
  41. South West Slopes Credit Union
  42. Sydney Credit Union
  43. Teachers Mutual Bank
  44. The Mac
  45. The Rock
  46. UniBank
  47. Unity Bank
  48. Warwick Credit Union
  49. WAW Credit Union
  50. Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union

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