IMAN Australia Talks Working Visa Health Cover With Canstar

27 March 2017
Canstar caught up with IMAN Australian Health Plans about their award-winning Working Visa Health Cover policies in 2017.

This year, Canstar congratulates IMAN Australian Health Plans for winning the 2017 Canstar Working Visa Health Cover Award.

We caught up with John-Paul Kelly, General Manager International Visitors at IMAN Australia about IMAN Australia’s win and what workers need to know about working visa health cover.

Canstar Australian Health Plans

Q: How far in advance of arriving in Australia should workers start to organise their health insurance cover?

An Overseas Visitor on a working visa must take out an OVHC [working visa health cover] policy.

The application can be received and confirmed prior to the policy becoming active (up to 2 years in advance). The start date of the policy can be adjusted to align with the date the worker arrives in Australia or the visa start date.

On average, we see workers organising their health insurance 1-2 months in advance of arriving in Australia.

Q: What are the payment options for Working Visa Health Cover?

Payment options include credit card and direct debit.

Q: What is the most common claim from Working Visa Health Cover customers?

The most common claims fall within Hospital, GP and Specialist Consultations.

Q: Based on your experience, are many foreign workers aware that if they extend their Work Visa in Australia, they also need to extend their health cover?
Do you receive many enquiries from customers looking to extend their health cover to match their Visa extension?

IMAN OVHC is deemed ongoing and continuous until cancelled; therefore, validity of cover is not an issue. However, if the customer extends their Visa, they are also made aware that their health cover will need to be extended.

Q: Are there different levels of Working Visa Health Cover available?

Five levels of health cover are available as part of the IMAN OVHC offering:

  1. Budget Visitor Cover – Our lowest priced hospital cover
  2. Value Plus Visitor Cover – Medium level hospital cover plus access to doctors for day-to-day health needs
  3. Basic Visitor Cover – High level hospital cover plus access to doctors for day-to-day health needs
  4. Mid Visitor Cover – High level hospital cover, access to doctors, and extras including physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy
  5. Top Visitor Cover – Most comprehensive health cover, including hospital, medical, and a wide range of extras such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, podiatry, natural therapies, and preventative care

All five levels of cover meet the Department of Immigration working visa requirements.


Canstar congratulates IMAN Australia on its outstanding achievement. Further information on the Award, methodology and star ratings results can be accessed here:

Compare working visa health cover policies here:

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