Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

Canstar's Star Ratings awarded in October 2016 based on product features at that date; product features, rates and fees displayed here may be different to what was rated. The products and star ratings displayed for each product in the table may not match your specific inputs in the selector. The star ratings displayed are for the frequent flyer profile whose methodology most closely matches your inputs. In some cases, the methodology uses profiles comprising categories or bands eg. income, loan amounts, monthly spend. In other cases, a single methodology is applied. Please see our detailed rating methodology. The initial table is sorted by Star Rating, then alphabetically by company. You can use the sort button at the top right of the table to re-order the display. See important notes.

Important Notes:

  • Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account. Not all product providers are included in the comparison. The products may not compare all features relevant to you. CANSTAR is not providing a recommendation for your individual circumstances.
  • This information is provided at your request. CANSTAR is not a credit provider and is not suggesting or recommending a particular product.
  • Reference to any products or services by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of CANSTAR by the respective trademark owner.
  • Read our detailed disclosure
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