Megan Doyle

Megan Doyle

Group Executive, Canstar Blue & Group Strategy Manager

I am the Head of Canstar Blue and Canstar Group Strategy Manager, leading  the end to end Canstar Blue business and working with an Executive sub-committee to refine the long-term strategy for the Canstar group of businesses.  I have been with Canstar for one year in my current role however my relationship with Canstar began over five years ago as an independent strategy consultant. I have worked on a number of varied projects in both the Gold (finance) and Blue (consumer) businesses over that five year period. I really enjoy my role given its diversity and dynamism, having the opportunity to extend myself professionally and work with such a great team.

In my Canstar Blue role I manage a virtual team virtual team consisting of subject matter experts who provide key functions specific to delivering our business as usual activities as well as identifying and implementing activities to further develop and grow the business. The team consists of Research; PR; Content; Digital; and Commercial managers, together with a band of casual staff that provide support to the business where needed. The team works to a rolling calendar of over 130 releases across both Australia and NZ, where everyone plays a critical role in its successful execution. It is busy – but never boring!

I started my working life at Caterpillar (earthmoving equipment) as a Price Analyst after completing my Economics degree in Melbourne.  A move to Brisbane resulted in a shift into Marketing as an analyst for a couple of FMCG companies, including Peters Ice Cream. After a couple of years an opportunity to lead the Marketing Analytics Team at Suncorp opened up, which was the start of a 15 year stint at Suncorp (inclusive of three years of maternity leave) and moving into the Corporate Strategy team, working up to the role of Senior Manager General Insurance Strategy. I then established my own strategy consulting business, which began my long term relationship with Canstar.

Outside of work I spend majority of my time with both my family and friends. Having three active teenage children (who can’t drive) means weekends spent watching and helping out with a variety of junior sporting clubs, which is also lots of fun. Going away with groups of friends is also often on the agenda when we can all find a mutually convenient time.

Given the size and dynamic nature of Canstar, there is abundant opportunity for everyone to get involved in various parts of the business. In fact, there is a number of staff that have started their career in one role, and moved into another area. The Executive Team are always accessible and engaged, which means decisions get made quickly, enabling piloting of ideas and fostering innovation. For anyone looking a challenging and dynamic career, Canstar is a great company.

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