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Canstar star rating and awards research institutions
66 providers assessed
Canstar star rating and awards transaction accounts
190 credit cards rated
Canstar star rating and awards credit cards
116 debit cards rated
39 5-star travel credit card winners
11 5-star travel debit card winners
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66 providers rated

  • 190 travel credit cards rated
  • 116 travel debit cards rated


Canstar star rating and awards Pros and Cons
5 Options for Travel Money – Pros and Cons

Travel credit cards vs. travel debit cards vs. travel money cards vs. cash vs. travellers’ cheques

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Canstar star rating and awards credit cards
How to use a travel credit card

Avoid overspending and unnecessary fees and charges with our travel guide.

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Canstar star rating and awards credit cards
How to use a travel debit card

Find out how to use your debit card in ATMs, make purchases, and keep your money safe while travelling overseas.

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MasterCard vs. Visa for overseas travel

Our data reveals Visa credit cards provide better value for overseas travellers

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Complimentary Travel Insurance

What do you need to know about getting complimentary travel insurance on your credit card?

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3 Credit Cards with Complimentary Travel Insurance

We review 5 credit cards that offer complimentary travel insurance that is as good as the real thing.

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What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

DCC can help or hinder when you’re online shopping or travelling overseas. Can it be avoided?

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ANZ Adventure Card

Find out what you need to know about the ANZ Adventure Card, which impressed our Research team in this year’s star ratings.

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Compare Travel Credit & Debit Cards

Compare 190 travel credit cards and 116 travel debit cards rated across 66 providers


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