Term Deposit Award 2016

Term Deposit Award 2016

The CANSTAR Term Deposit Award involves a sophisticated rating methodology unique to CANSTAR that compares a shortlist of term deposits in Australia, enabling consumers to narrow their search to products that have been assessed and ranked.

Bank of the Year

2016 Award winners

Bank of the Year

  • ME Bank

Customer Owned Institution of the Year

  • The Mutual

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The current term deposit environment

What we might expect the RBA to do next month and what the current term deposit rates are.

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Finding a good term deposit rate…

Compare term deposits: What interest rates can you get

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Should you ladder your term deposit investments?

How to compare term deposits and what length of term deposit should you choose

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What to look for in a term deposit

What is a term deposit and how to compare them

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Possible term deposit traps…

Are there any term deposit traps to think about? CANSTAR outlines five traps to be aware of

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What is Mutual Banking?

Both of the 2016 CANSTAR Term Deposit Awards have been won by a mutual – so what is mutual banking?

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2016 Bank of the Year – Term Deposits: ME

What term deposits does ME Bank offer? Compare term deposits with CANSTAR’s Bank of the Year – Term Deposits Award.

2016 Customer Owned Institution of the Year – Term Deposits: The Mutual

What term deposits does The Mutual offer? Compare term deposits with CANSTAR’s Bank of the Year – Term Deposits Award.

About Star Ratings

Canstar’s Star Ratings are unique. We evaluate literally thousands of products from hundreds of financial institutions. Our expert researchers analyse every product by comparing price and features to determine what represents value.”