Small business can profit from analysis

21 October 2015
It’s a given that having a compelling digital presence is a must for businesses large and small nowadays, but when it comes to marketing – either on your own website or elsewhere – how do you know if your precious investment is paying off?

Online marketing software can assist.

Click Analytics, which represents proprietary marketing tracking, targeting and analytics software brand, has recently opened an office in Narrabeen, NSW. We caught up with Justin Michie, Managing Director Click Analytics Pty., to find out how small business owners can increase their chances of marketing success.


Q: For small business owners in particular, making the commitment to spend money on marketing is a big decision. How does your technology help them to assess their return on investment?

A: Our technology helps small business owners and anyone else who does any type of marketing online by giving them access to all the vital information they need to track their stats in one place, in real time, so they can see at a glance what’s working and what’s not.

The technology behind also gives users access to some powerful tools that allow them to more closely target their traffic, intelligently split test offers and landing pages, as well as track conversions on sales and leads.

By having access to these marketing tools and by being able to manipulate marketing clicks/traffic in real time, you can react quickly to market conditions which increases results and helps prevent wasted ad spend.

Since a lot of small business owners, especially when just getting started, don’t have a big marketing budget, marketing on the internet is extremely attractive due to the cost effectiveness and affordability when compared to traditional media that has a much higher entry barrier.

When you have access to the right tools and marketing software such as, small business owners can dramatically increase the success of a marketing campaign and subsequently, their business.


Q: What makes now the right time to launch in Australia?

A: Our software has been in development for 3 years in the United States and during that time we have continuously been updating and improving it to make it faster, more reliable and better at what it does than any similar software product. It’s at the point now where we’re ready for mass market consumption and full scale expansion.

Everything has been tested and tweaked more times than I can remember and even though the technology is quite sophisticated, we’ve made so easy to use and understand that practically anyone can use it.

Since Australia has a thriving small business climate (with over 2,000,000 registered businesses) and more and more of them are turning to marketing online, there has never been a greater need for our technology to help more small businesses get more out of their marketing.


Q: From your experience, what are some tips to help small business owners increase their chance of marketing success?

A: One of the most important things to consider (and easiest to forget) if you want to experience success in marketing online, is to test lots of different ad variations until you find the one that works best for your target market. That means things like testing different headlines, graphics, ad copy, calls to action, sizes, shapes and colours, right down to the time of day and day of the week that works best.

Besides testing all of the above, you should test your landing pages as well as different types of media and delivery systems until you find the winning combination. I’ve tripled ad conversions many times by testing different variables. And when you can triple your conversions on the same ad spend, that does really happy things to your ROI.

That’s what’s so great about marketing online – the ability to track and measure everything in real time so you can instantly tell what’s working and what’s not and when you find out what’s working, you can scale it up quickly and easily, making the sky the limit.

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